Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May 30, 2016 (Week 76)

May 30, 2016

Receiving "Mountain Top" Inspiration
Monday we did email, played basketball, then played some billiards. Pretty weird. We played 4 ball billiards, not the usual pocket ball.  Pretty fun time though. After that we had ice cream waffles (waffles, smother some ice cream in the middle, eat like a sandwich.  It's great.)   After P-Day we went and met 최세민 (Choy Say Meen) our buddy that came last week, but it turns out he has 0% interest in gospel. He wouldn't watch a movie, let us pray, talk about church. He just sat there playing games on his phone wanting to just talk and hang out.  So he dropped pretty fast, but he enjoyed Family Night, so he might stick around for that.  That night we played clothes volleyball. We sit in chairs, 5 on 5, and have a ball made of clothes and play volleyball, pretty fun.
Tuesday we met 고영욱 (Go Young Ook)  and 이동훈 (Lee Dong-hoon). 고 (Go) doesn't really have a lot interest anymore. We tried to bring up prayer, help his smoking and his commitment level to all of that dropped a lot, so we probably wont meet him a whole ton anymore. We'll still keep in contact, but pretty much dropped as an investigator... kinda sad. 이 (Lee) is doing good.  He says he believes in God 70%, and feels lacking still, but we are trying to work with him to get him to see that that is good enough. Good guy though. After, we dropped off Elder Keil to go in to Seoul, then just proselyted the rest of the night.
Wednesday sent Elder Hall off to his new area, right next door.  Then we did studies, cleaned and picked up the new comps. Elder Swan is pretty cool. He is from Cottonwood Heights, likes Jack Johnson, sports, and plays piano. (Sound familiar?)  Pretty cool, we get along good, haha. We just did tracting all day, then did some streetboarding at night.
Thursday was just more walking around, a good nice welcome to Gangneung for Elder Swan, haha, but it was good.  We talked with a couple less-actives, then had English class.
Friday we had a couple people punk us, but we had a good time anyway..
Billiards Activity
Saturday we met 한웅 (Han Ung) (the meaning can be translated as "one bear"... pretty cool name, haha)   We met and talked, seems pretty interested, but still got a little ways to go. He's pretty hesitant about believing in God and miracles.  Then we had English class, visited less-actives, and tried drawing proselyting... not that good, but we did talk with a Latvian person here with the Olympics... pretty nice guy.
Sunday we had church, then met 남기철(Namgicheol).  He is 25 and goes to the Catholic school. Really nice guy.  We had a good lesson with him.  He's pretty open and accepting kind of guy too. Kind of shy, but nice.  That was a cool time for us. We came back and had another not so good activity. Some activities they think of are not the best.
Overall, we met some cool people this week.  The new companion is always fun.  We're just livin' the dream.
-Elder Mortensen

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