Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May 23, 2016 (Week 75)

May 23, 2016

Allergy Season Hits!

Herro, it's me is again!  Nice to meet you...
Well, I'm staying here!!! Five transfers in a row... Elder Hall is moving next door, in the next city, so I'll see him quite often. I'll be with Elder Swan.  He was in the MTC with Elder Hall, and I guess he's a pretty sweet dude, so I'm pretty excited.

Monday we didn't do much, hit up another buffet. That started off a hectic food week.   That night we met with our ward mission leader, and had a lesson with Go Young Ook planned, but some other college kid that we met the other day came early for family night, so our ward mission leader invited him into the lesson as well, so we had a somewhat decent lesson. It was mainly me and Go talking, and Elder Hall and the ward mission leader with the other kid, Choi Say Meen. Overall good. Go opened up about his smoking issue, and other things, hoping to build off of that finally.  Family Night was fun. Kim Dong Bum didn't show up though, dang.
Tuesday, nothing really worth reporting. Found some less-actives and walked around.
Wednesday, had district meeting, then we helped out Go Young Ook with English. I really hope he comes around soon. Everytime he gives us a little inkling of hope, we try to build off of, but it hasn't amounted to much.  He's on the edge of getting dropped every week.   That night, we did "talk with a foreigner" activity, trying to talk with people and build up English class.  It went alright, nothing super exciting.
Thursday- we went up to Joo Moon Jin, and that sucked. Not a lot off people.  We went knocking on ghetto apartments looking for a less-active.  Overall not that exciting.  We met Sheem Jay Ho, our taxi driver.  He is doing good, he accepts our message well.  Hopefully he can read and pray this week, even though he is busy.  English class was alright,
Friday nothing much happened, met Choi Say Meen again, after waiting forever, then went to do "snack activity" again.  That went over pretty well, although a lot of students just come and eat all the snacks... little twerps...
Saturday we had our usual thick bacon party at the church. I didn't feel good after that one.  We got yelled at by a random person living in a former less-actives place.  So many less-actives that move, it's crazy...
Sunday we had church then a meal out in Peong Chang, the olympic site.  Really good meat there. I ate way too much again.  We all felt fat.

Well, gotta go, my computer freaked out for a little bit, so I can't say as much this week,  but still here, going good, take care, '
-Elder Mortensen

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