Sunday, May 22, 2016

May 16, 2016 (Week 74)

May 16, 2016

Hey Family,

Well,  Monday nobody came to Family Night, so we took the time to plan out better activities, how we can bring new faces into the church, for members to meet and connect with.

Tuesday was a rain storm that was impressive. It lasted the entire day.  We went up to the main college, then met 고영욱 (Go Young Ook) after a little bit. talked with him casually about cigarettes and marriage, and we think we found his issue. When talking about smoking he said he could stop whenever, but when we talked about it, he gave really lame reasons why... so we are going to talk about the Atonement with him tonight with our ward mission leader. hoping it goes well..    after him we met 김대환 (Kim Day Hyun). He is 25 and a college student at the Catholic school. He was cool, kinda wanted just friend status, but he was cool with us teaching him.  He says he'll come to church. nice guy.
Wednesday we had district meeting, then we went and did "snack proselyting".  Basically having people eat snacks, tell us their favorite, and then letting us talk with them.  Korea gets pounded with a lot of advertisements, and that stuff, so we are just trying to get creative with something that will spark some interest in them. It turned out fairly well.
Thursday we went and spent some time at the main college and the area around it. We tried to visit 5 or so less actives, but nobody was home, and man, it was getting hot.  It was impressive. I can't wait for the summer though, should be pretty hot.  After the college visit, we just had English class.
 Friday we planned, then hit up the small nursing college in the area... (yes, another college)  We met some nice people there.  Then came back, and tried to do a family-themed survey, but it didn't turn out to well.
His Next Education Step?
"The Suspicious Magical School"
Saturday we went on exchanges.  I went with Elder Keil.  Basically it was all just chatting and letting stuff out for both of us. It was a good time though. We met his investigator, then taught English class, then did "foreigner proselyting."  We pretty much have them talk in English with us. Nothing to hot with that one.  A lot of high school girls trying to talk and ask if we thought they were pretty... awkward... but hey, 고영욱 (Go Young Ook) came to English class, so that was cool!
Sunday we had church, then a branch activity to pick cherries off the tree in our parking lot. That was pretty fun time. Nothing else too special happened.

Well, take care,
Elder Mortensen

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