Friday, September 30, 2016

September 26, 2016 (Week 93)

September 26, 2016

Ok, well, this week was pretty fun.
Elders Du Plessis, Judd, Lowe and Mortensen
Monday I went on exchanges with Elder Du Plessis. Due to an awkward transfer last transfer (we both openly admit that now), I was more than apprehensive about going on an exchange, but it was great. For some reason we get along great as housemates, just took a little warming up I guess haha. We went and looked for less actives, streetboarded, had a good time.
Tuesday we went to the temple, then went to Seoul Tower. Pretty cool view, but not much to do. We walked up a massive 20 minute long hill, sweating the whole way, then rode an elevator up for a minute, then you just had a little lookout view.  You can't go outside at all, you can only look through windows.  It was cool to see all around Seoul. We could see clear into Seoul South, then almost to the top of Seoul.  Pretty fun day.
Wednesday we had district meeting, then we had less active finding, then English class. I'm not sure why I'm still teaching because 1, my English sucks nowadays, and 2, it's pretty much talking about America the whole time in Korean, haha.
Thursday we went to the 12-week follow up, which is where all trainers/trainees meet up again, and just get a long pep talk that they can make it through two years of this.  Not the most exciting meeting, but hey, I got free subway, I'll take that anyday!  We came back and did pass-off with Elder Judd, then met Sheen Een Sheek.  He is a new investigator. He really likes his church already, but has some interest, and he wants us to teach his son English, so we will try to work through that route to teach him.  After that we met Sheen Sung Hee.  He is a struggle.  Apparently he can't remember things very well, so the people we talked about last time, he doesn't remember, so we have to start from scratch again.  Plus, he doesn't want to keep commitments at all, which is a struggle.
Friday we went and did weekly planning, then we went and had singing practice, then we went and streetboarded and found some less actives, nothing too special.
Saturday we went to MCM, then had a meal with his whole family (bishop, ward mission leader, and 2nd counselor... plus the wives.) We went to a reeallly expensive buffet that was suuuper nice. Then we practiced some more, then had English class.  After that we went finding people, then a guy said he could meet, so we met at 8:55. We quickly went to a cafe, he appeared to have no interest, plus it was transfer call night, so not the best timing, so we kinda rushed a lesson, and he gave us a lecture on how to set up an appointment with him. Good night, long story with him...
From the top of Seoul Tower
Sunday we had church, then ward council (3 weeks straight of missionary work, member work, doing it... great topics.)  Then we met Bay Gyoung Whan with a member, and the member kinda went hard on doing the basics, reading, praying, church. Really good lesson, helped a lot with him.  After that was family night.  We had a bunch of "minute to win it" games. It went pretty well, that's where all the pics came from.
Transfers: Elder Judd and Sister Kim are both training so all three teams are training. So exciting.

Love you all,
-Elder Mortensen

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

September 19, 2016 (Week 92)

September 19, 2016

Well, this week was interesting...
"Attending" Conner and Korinne's
Wedding (far right)
 Monday was just a regular day, so we went and emailed then headed out for work.  Nothing too special happened, just a lot of people busy getting ready for Thanksgiving.  Although it started to downpour, so we had singing practice for our song on Sunday, and man, I could of filled up a gallon jug with how much water was in my socks and shoes.  The waterproof effect no longer works for my shoes, yippee!
Tuesday we went and did our lovely service project, pretty fun this time, there weren't a lot of people helping so we actually got to do stuff this time! I love it when that happens. We did that, then met 신승희 (Sheen Sung Hee).  Things went well, he says that he has a couple friends that he could refer us to, but we will have to wait to see if Elder Lowe and I stay together [transfer week next week], because he doesn't want to bring a friend, then have us leave.  But it was a good meeting with him.
Wednesday we had P-Day, so we went and got haircuts, played around a little bit, went looking for badminton rackets, and whatnot. Nothing too exciting.  Tomorrow is temple day though, so that'll be fun.
Thursday we cleaned... and cleaned... and cleaned... That's about it.  You'd be surprised at how much stuff can get everywhere.  That's about all we did for Thanksgiving, day 2.
Friday we went to the mission office. We had a meeting outdoors in the "sacred grove" of our mission (just some outdoor pavilion type thing).  Then went to a little outlook over Seoul. Pretty cool view.  after that was announcements, which meant half the mission sang to me for my birthday... Awkward... I hate those types of things.  Then we ate Subway, played some Korean games, jumprope, and watched the Restoration movie. It was a pretty good conference.  After that, we came back, and had weekly planning,  Thanksgiving, day 3
Seoul Overlook
Saturday we went and tried to find some less-actives, then had English class... oh goody. Then we went, had dinner, visited a less-active who renovated his house. It's a really nice place, but he lives alone so kind of an empty feel to it.  After that we ran to the church, since Sister Digma got me and cake for my birthday.  Shoot, she's the best. It was a really nice cake too.  That was a fun day.
Sunday we went to church, had MCM, then went out and talked with people. Yeah, nothing too new. Some people came in from the stake and started to teach about missionary work. They got pretty into it as well.  Kind of exciting.  Let's see if that goes anywhere now.

Well, take care world,
-Elder Mortensen

September 12, 2016 (Week 91)

September 12, 2016

Sporting a bolo tie
Monday we went to a bookstore and picked up new English class books, since the one we use right now is terrible.  Hopefully this will make the students happy.. If not, oh well, I'm a missionary, not an English teacher.  After P-Day we went and met David again.  He is the one from Los Angeles, hardcore Christian, nice guy.  We tried to talk about the Book of Mormon, but he just kinda beat around that, and went right to his beliefs.  He asked us to pray about his beliefs, if he would pray about ours. I came to the realization as I took him up on the offer that that was kinda dumb.  Honestly if I can live at a higher level, and be happy, why bother going lower?  He says we don't need prophets, or we just have to believe that God is in us, and we are already saved, etc.  Just pretty much as if he said "just stop everything..."  Kinda dumb theories he has, especially about the trinity.  How anybody thought that is correct.  I can't understand them...

Tuesday was exchange with Elder Judd.  We just kinda talked about the mission, how we can try to get the ward doing stuff, how to work better.  Good time with him.  We met a guy that took us to a cafe, and pretty much gave us the same speech as David. I still don't understand...

Wednesday we had zone training.  I still don't know many people in my zone, they just aren't the people that I've actually known over my mission.  We came back, ate, then did English class. Not bad, kinda boring still...

Thursday we did our usual service, still a fun time there every week.  After that was walking around trying to find people to talk with.  Not a whole lot of luck... kinda sad.

Friday we had planning, then we street boarded.  While street boarding, Bay Gyung Whan said he could meet in an hour.  So we went and ate, then taught him.  He remembers his baptismal date, which is good, especially at the rate he is progressing.  He reads a lot one time, then the next he doesn't, the next he does.  Up and down.  So frustrating sometimes.  But he is good.  I enjoy meeting him.

Saturday we had music practice then English clas, then trying to talk with people.  Because of the Korean Thanksgiving coming up, people are really busy, and already have plans, so getting anything set up with them is super hard.  Kinda sad, Thanksgiving wipes out an entire week of missionary work almost.

Thanksgiving gift boxes (Spam!)
Sunday we went to church, came back, went with bishop to visit a less-active.  That was a good visit. It's kinda awkward when all parties involved know exactly why you came, haha.   After that we went and visited some other less-actives, and went walking in hiker village. It's a huge street with a ton of hikers and hiking shops.  It was nuts.  After that just singing practice and dinner. It was a good day.
Well, thats about it.   Love you all.  Happy Thanksgiving/wedding/birthday and everything else that is going on the week...  Man, so many things!

-Elder Mortensen

September 5, 2016 (Week 90)

September 5, 2016

Shoot... Time to type fast..
With Elder Lowe at the Palace
Monday we went to the palace, got Elder Lowe's foreigner card submitted, then played Settlers of Catan with the other elders. Also, I got a new suit. I decided to get a super sweet blue one for 90 bucks. Not a half bad deal.
That night we tried out some new Family History streetboard idea. Ended up really awkward and didn't really work out.

Tuesday we tried again the streetboard.  It was still kinda awkward. Asking people to write down their name, everybody is really suspicious of it... haha.  After that we did a lot of less-active finding and met Sheen Sung Hee. He talked about how he feels like God doesn't answer him. He doesn't have much hope in the world right now.  Super sad.

Wednesday we had district meeting, then we had English class that night. Nothing too special, same old at English class,  :D

Thursday we met Yoon Hyun Sup.  Another less-active.  He pretty much is just lazy and doesn't want to come to church.  He says he is studying, but he still plays games 1-2 hours each day, plus, he said he could meet in 3 weeks. Yeah, he's not going anywhere right now.

Friday we met Bay Gyung Whan!  He is doing good. He pretty much just doesn't feel like all members don't believe since they either sleep, or sit on their phone the whole time. It's really sad that a non-member sees that in our church. We talked about how much other Christians believe, and they go pretty hard. Dang.  But he is slowly progressing, just need him to see the gospel side of it, and not just by the members actions.

Dinner at the Digmas
Saturday was English class, then we met with Sheen Sung Hee.  Same story, just no hope right now. So sad, I just want to help him out so much.

Sunday was church and a meal with the Digmas. Such a sweet family .

Love you all,
-Elder Mortensen