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September 26, 2016 (Week 93)

September 26, 2016

Ok, well, this week was pretty fun.
Elders Du Plessis, Judd, Lowe and Mortensen
Monday I went on exchanges with Elder Du Plessis. Due to an awkward transfer last transfer (we both openly admit that now), I was more than apprehensive about going on an exchange, but it was great. For some reason we get along great as housemates, just took a little warming up I guess haha. We went and looked for less actives, streetboarded, had a good time.
Tuesday we went to the temple, then went to Seoul Tower. Pretty cool view, but not much to do. We walked up a massive 20 minute long hill, sweating the whole way, then rode an elevator up for a minute, then you just had a little lookout view.  You can't go outside at all, you can only look through windows.  It was cool to see all around Seoul. We could see clear into Seoul South, then almost to the top of Seoul.  Pretty fun day.
Wednesday we had district meeting, then we had less active finding, then English class. I'm not sure why I'm still teaching because 1, my English sucks nowadays, and 2, it's pretty much talking about America the whole time in Korean, haha.
Thursday we went to the 12-week follow up, which is where all trainers/trainees meet up again, and just get a long pep talk that they can make it through two years of this.  Not the most exciting meeting, but hey, I got free subway, I'll take that anyday!  We came back and did pass-off with Elder Judd, then met Sheen Een Sheek.  He is a new investigator. He really likes his church already, but has some interest, and he wants us to teach his son English, so we will try to work through that route to teach him.  After that we met Sheen Sung Hee.  He is a struggle.  Apparently he can't remember things very well, so the people we talked about last time, he doesn't remember, so we have to start from scratch again.  Plus, he doesn't want to keep commitments at all, which is a struggle.
Friday we went and did weekly planning, then we went and had singing practice, then we went and streetboarded and found some less actives, nothing too special.
Saturday we went to MCM, then had a meal with his whole family (bishop, ward mission leader, and 2nd counselor... plus the wives.) We went to a reeallly expensive buffet that was suuuper nice. Then we practiced some more, then had English class.  After that we went finding people, then a guy said he could meet, so we met at 8:55. We quickly went to a cafe, he appeared to have no interest, plus it was transfer call night, so not the best timing, so we kinda rushed a lesson, and he gave us a lecture on how to set up an appointment with him. Good night, long story with him...
From the top of Seoul Tower
Sunday we had church, then ward council (3 weeks straight of missionary work, member work, doing it... great topics.)  Then we met Bay Gyoung Whan with a member, and the member kinda went hard on doing the basics, reading, praying, church. Really good lesson, helped a lot with him.  After that was family night.  We had a bunch of "minute to win it" games. It went pretty well, that's where all the pics came from.
Transfers: Elder Judd and Sister Kim are both training so all three teams are training. So exciting.

Love you all,
-Elder Mortensen

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