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September 12, 2016 (Week 91)

September 12, 2016

Sporting a bolo tie
Monday we went to a bookstore and picked up new English class books, since the one we use right now is terrible.  Hopefully this will make the students happy.. If not, oh well, I'm a missionary, not an English teacher.  After P-Day we went and met David again.  He is the one from Los Angeles, hardcore Christian, nice guy.  We tried to talk about the Book of Mormon, but he just kinda beat around that, and went right to his beliefs.  He asked us to pray about his beliefs, if he would pray about ours. I came to the realization as I took him up on the offer that that was kinda dumb.  Honestly if I can live at a higher level, and be happy, why bother going lower?  He says we don't need prophets, or we just have to believe that God is in us, and we are already saved, etc.  Just pretty much as if he said "just stop everything..."  Kinda dumb theories he has, especially about the trinity.  How anybody thought that is correct.  I can't understand them...

Tuesday was exchange with Elder Judd.  We just kinda talked about the mission, how we can try to get the ward doing stuff, how to work better.  Good time with him.  We met a guy that took us to a cafe, and pretty much gave us the same speech as David. I still don't understand...

Wednesday we had zone training.  I still don't know many people in my zone, they just aren't the people that I've actually known over my mission.  We came back, ate, then did English class. Not bad, kinda boring still...

Thursday we did our usual service, still a fun time there every week.  After that was walking around trying to find people to talk with.  Not a whole lot of luck... kinda sad.

Friday we had planning, then we street boarded.  While street boarding, Bay Gyung Whan said he could meet in an hour.  So we went and ate, then taught him.  He remembers his baptismal date, which is good, especially at the rate he is progressing.  He reads a lot one time, then the next he doesn't, the next he does.  Up and down.  So frustrating sometimes.  But he is good.  I enjoy meeting him.

Saturday we had music practice then English clas, then trying to talk with people.  Because of the Korean Thanksgiving coming up, people are really busy, and already have plans, so getting anything set up with them is super hard.  Kinda sad, Thanksgiving wipes out an entire week of missionary work almost.

Thanksgiving gift boxes (Spam!)
Sunday we went to church, came back, went with bishop to visit a less-active.  That was a good visit. It's kinda awkward when all parties involved know exactly why you came, haha.   After that we went and visited some other less-actives, and went walking in hiker village. It's a huge street with a ton of hikers and hiking shops.  It was nuts.  After that just singing practice and dinner. It was a good day.
Well, thats about it.   Love you all.  Happy Thanksgiving/wedding/birthday and everything else that is going on the week...  Man, so many things!

-Elder Mortensen

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