Sunday, May 22, 2016

May 9, 2016 (Week 73)

May 9, 2016

Mother's Day Skype Selfie

 Monday we went and shopped, Elder Hall had to buy a memory card and download pictures, then we hit up some big sale place that was advertised all over town... man.. that place was a rip... nothing really good there except for a couple five dollar T-Shirts... me and Elder Hall picked up a couple just because haha.  That night we just had Family Night... Kim Dong Bum is still coming out to it, but he threw his phone with his wash, so we can't really call him for the time being... good time though.
Tuesday we went to a tiny little college in our area, the smallest one within our area. We walked around it for about 20 minutes. And made a complete trip, haha. We met some cool people there, but nothing too special. We talked with one guy who loooooved Marvel.  He's already seen Captain America Civil War three times, and was seeing it again that night. Man, he was weird. We couldn't talk about anything other than that and Grand Theft Auto.  We sat down with him and tried to teach the restoration, but he didn't really care.   After that we went up to see another college.  This one is about the size of a Weber State, big, but not like USU or BYU status. Not a lot of people there either. We talked with some people, but most college students are heading to their homes for the holiday weekends.  Bummer...  That night, we went to find less-active Lee Jeen Ho, and ended up meeting Eem Johng Myung, another less active.  He moved into the other less-actives house.  He was really nice.  He met the church through English class as a teenager, then got baptized, then sadly felt like God didn't answer his prayers, so he turned Buddhist. Dang it... really nice family though.. cute two little sons..
Wednesday we had zone training.  That was alright... The, we then went down the Catholic college and met some cool people there, but with Thursday through Sunday being holiday break, not too many people were sticking around. We got cancelled on by a couple people there too.
Thursday we had children's day here, so we went down to the park by the soccer stadium and handed out fliers to the families there. There were a lot of people, that was cool. All of them with their families, which gave us some hope for Korea, and how business-oriented they are some times.  Later we met Kim Day Hyun, the student me and Elder Megargel were meeting with.  He called us the night before (at midnight... so many late phone calls...) but agreed to meet us since he was back in town.  He's doing good, good to chat with him.  He's back in Seoul, so not sure hows hess doing right now.  After that was English class.
Friday we met Lee Dohng Hoon.  He is 29 and studying music at the Catholic school.  Really cool guy, not sure why we wanted to meet him, but he agreed. We taught the restoration, and he was the first person I've been with that says "I don't know if this is legitimate or not".. most of the time its just "ya, ya cool".  Super cool, hopefully we can meet him again.  That was the highlight for the day.
 Saturday we had music night,  which meant cleaning up, moving things around, making it all good, and hanging out with all the Seoul missionaries, namely Elder Brantley and Elder Saunders. It was good to see them again. They are doing good.  We had president interviews.  After that we had the music night.  About 100 people came, I'd say... really cool, and really spiritual night. The district presidency was all in tears by the end of it.  Hopefully this can kickstart our area.
Sunday we had district conference, then we talked and then went to knock on doors. Nothing too special.  It was cool though, for MCM (ward mission leader meeting) our leader came in and sat down and just said" alright, well things aren't working right now... what can we do? " and proceeded to help us get new plans rolling, try to work with members more.  Really good meeting.

Well, love you all.  Happy Mothers Day.
-Elder Mortensen

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