Sunday, May 22, 2016

May 2, 2016 (Week 72)

May 2, 2016

Biking Elder
Monday we went hiking.  Talked about in my email last week.

Tuesday we met 고영욱 again. We started to talk with him, and realized he doesn't have a solid, correct understanding of the principle of faith, so we decided to step back to the basics.

Wednesday we had an awkward district meeting.  There were only 2 elders and 2 sisters, so it was a little small.  It was kinda fun though, not as many people watching me sweat for the whole time... Man, I dislike speaking in groups.  We did some streetboarding.  It was alright.  Six missionaries standing at one little corner was a bit much, but it was the busiest place, so not too bad.

Thursday we had lunch with 3 members, and the missionaries. It was a nice buffet, although due to sister/elder relationships, the 4 elders sat at a table to themselves... so pretty much a free meal for us, we couldn't talk much with the members. Then we had a couple appointments stand us up, so we came back and met a less-active. He is pretty fluent in English, so we had a good chat, talked about some Korean baseball players in the MLB. He mentioned one guy that pitches for the Cardinals.. and his nickname is "Stone Buddha", because he always stays calm in the game, haha... I love to learn fun stuff like that.  We talked about the restoration and the priesthood, trying to help him come back and get it finally.

Zika Warning Sign
Friday we went and flyered about our music night next week. We handed them out to businesses around the church, seeing if they will take them  and advertise it. It went ok.  That night we sat in a little room with 박종성 and his friend and mom.  The friend and him lit up some smokes, and the place just wreaked of beer and smoke. We taught the restoration to the mom though, she was nice enough to listen.

Saturday we didn't do to much, just the usual.

Sunday we rode a bus up a hour away to meet a guy. He's nice guy, not too much interest though.  That was most of our night.

Well, talk with you later,

Elder Mortensen

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