Friday, July 15, 2016

June 6, 2016 (Week 77)

June 6, 2016

Ok... this week...

"Take up thy bed and walk"
Monday, we went and saw the ocean, ate a buffet. That was P-Day for us.  After that, we went and did flyer-ing for English class before Family Night.  Family Night we played baseball with a ping pong paddle and ball. Pretty fun time.  Our college buddy came again too!

Tuesday we went and had Pizza Hut (super expensive here. It's a nice sit down restaurant here.. ) with Jay Won. He lived in South Carolina for a couple years, Connecticut, and other places, so fluent at English. We've ran into him a couple times before, so we finally got an appointment with him! He was really cool, he took a Book of Mormon, read a little bit of it, and seemed to have interest. After that, we visited So Hahn Suck, the 89 recent convert.  Visiting him is always fun.  Everything he says is just, "well of course God made it that way, nothing else makes sense".  Such strong belief in everything we teach.  Then we just confirmed a couple more less-actives houses, then headed back for calls/dinner, regular proselyting.

Wednesday we had Zone meeting. That was cool. I got to sit with Elder Hall again.  He is doing good, loving it up in Soak Cho. The Zone training was weird.. .all about the "mysteries of God". I don't know,  Zone meetings are always kinda weird in general, that and President was here, so the zone leaders looked to him for everything.   After we got cancelled on twice, one guy just said "sorry, but I don't believe in God"... We went away thinking "so why did you agree to meet in the first place, then confirm it later??"  Man, this country sometimes... So we tried snack proselyting, but it was just the same high school students looking for a snack, like kids in Costco... Probably won't do that for a while again.

Thursday we went up to Joo Moon Jeen, toured around that area for a little, then came back for English class... Same old, same old.

Friday we went to the college but everybody has tests, so they won't meet us for a couple weeks.  Dang it, that's our whole teaching pool. We spent the night in that region.
Saturday and Sunday was prepping for the festival going on this week, making boards, planning, getting things done, nothing too cool.
Switching "L's" and "R's"

This week wasn't the most exciting, talking religion is hard with these people.. (they treat it like a business job.. I'll explain later... )

Love ya,
Elder M, over and out.

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