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June 20, 2016 (Week 79)

June 20, 2016

Ok, this week was fun.

Traditional Korean Wear
Monday nothing really special, except the fact that people in Korea go just as nuts about bingo as Americans do. So excited over a simple game.

Tuesday as we were leaving the house, we hopped on a bus, then a guy called us. We gave him our card on Monday, and he wanted to learn about our church!  So we hopped off, hurried to the church and talked with him. He's a nice guy. He's slightly special, but lesson went over well... that was a cool miracle for us. After that, we headed into Seoul for the conference on Wednesday... Good ol' 3 hour bus ride. Nice nap though..

Wednesday was mission conference with Elder Yamashita.  Really funny guy.  He gave a great training.  We did that from 9-5, then hopped on a bus back here.  Today was sweet though, I got to see all my buddies from the mission, some of them for the last time before they go home.   Man, so many people I've never seen, and I didn't realize I knew so many people, haha, some of them I haven't seen since I left Seoul last year, so that was cool for me.

Thursday we had just left the house when a random former investigator called and wanted to meet. So we hurried down to the church, met him at a cafe nearby, and then showed him the church... he said he didn't have much interest, but we think theres a little since he called us up to meet. Following him, we headed down to the catholic college.  Pretty good time, but a lot of people are bouncing town for vacation.  After, we were talking with people when one guy says he's busy, but his friend wants to meet us, so gave us both his and his friends numbers and then left.  After that was just good ol' English class.....

Friday we had weekly planning, and studies, and then we went and met 한웅(Han Oong). We met him when Elder Swan first came.  He is doing good. He wants to believe in God, but doesn't.  But he likes meeting us because he feels good around us and respects us.  That was cool to hear, so we will try to build off of that feeling with him.   Right after, we rode a taxi down to meet our referral from yesterday.  Really nice guy. 전동호 (Juhn Dohng Ho).   He met missionaries as a high schooler, but got busy so he quit meeting, and wanted to meet with us again, so he was pretty excited to meet us.  Nice guy, but reaaally likes to talk... a lot... about random stuff.  We managed to get across our goals with him, and expectations..

Saturday wasn't much. We had English, then met Thomas. We went and ate pizza together, then taught him the Plan of Salvation.  He took it really well and liked the fact of no heaven and hell.  We set a plan for him to get baptized in Guatemala, so hopefully that will go through.

Member hand-me-down Piano
Sunday we had church, then after 전동호 (Juhn Dohng Ho) met us, and we got the branch president to teach with us. It was good, but those two just talked together for 30-ish minutes about who knows what.  Random stuff I couldn't follow.  So, we eventually got around to a lesson, went well, says he's down for baptism. Not much else happened...

Well, love you all,
-Elder Mortensen

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