Friday, July 15, 2016

July 11, 2016 (Week 82)

July 11, 2016

Ok... well, this week has been interesting.

City of Dobong
Monday we went and celebrated July 4th by eating at McDonald's, then went back and played some games.  It's was down pouring for a week straight there, so not much else to do.   After that we had pass off, then Family Night.  Family Night was playing American games, like limbo, three-legged race, spoon egg race, and baseball.  Good day. We also sang the national anthem for the start of it haha...

Tuesday we had a branch party and koo koos... it's a sushi/ everything buffet... suuuper good. Especially the cow beef on top of rice, that's the best, I probably had 2-3 plates of that alone. They also had waffle maker, ice cream, chicken, spaghetti, tons of sushi variety (spam, sushi, fish, shrimp, beef, bacon, octopus.....)  super good meal, sad to say bye to the Gangneung folks.  After that was getting the English banner we made... 4/6 missionaries on there have now left,  but hey, we got our faces on it, haha... We did that, hung it up, said hi to So Han Suck, the 89 recent convert, then said bye to Jung You Suck, our ward mission leader. After that, had dinner with Go Young Ook, said bye to him, then came back down and met Juhn Dong Hoe, our referral.  Man that talks a lot.   Met with a lot of people, but it was a good time.  Sad to say bye, not sure when I'll be able to go back.

Wednesday I got back into Seoul. I forgot to switch my wheels on my luggage, so I kinda struggled with that... (I had packed in 70% of stuff, then realized I didn't switch out the broken ones yet, and just went with it. That won't happen again. Trust me on that one.)  But I met Elder Du Plessies, and Elders Peterson and Benson, my new housemates. I got to know the place a little, then met a 60 yr. old man that wants to read the Book of Mormon in English, but is terrible at it. So we kinda reestablished what we want to do.  After that was English class.  Not bad, I guess that are some scout troops around here. I met a couple leaders... who knew?

Thursday we had a service project feeding food to the elderly.  I got put on dishes duty the whole time.  Man, I'm getting pretty good at cleaning dishes. My wife will love me, haha.  That was cool. We did that, then met Robin.  He is a missionary of some other church, but once he heard about the Kingdoms of Glory,  he started to be really surprised, and wanted to meet.  He is sincere, but requires 4+ examples in the Bible to believe it. It's a struggle, especially with the Plan of Salvation. But, he is cool.  After that we went and visited a couple less-actives with the bishop.

Friday we didn't do much, tried doing music proselyting, but everybody we met was super busy, so didn't work too well.
City Logo

Saturday we met a couple cool people, who came to church the next day!  That was cool.  One has a date now  I'll follow up on that later. Gotta run, but this place is great!

-Elder Mortensen

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