Sunday, January 31, 2016

January 25, 2016 (Week 58)

January 25, 2016

The Branch
Monday was P-Day and Family Night, which was games like Duck-Duck-Goose. It was pretty fun. Not much to else report.
Tuesday we had lunch with an English member who really likes the missionaries. So we went to a sushi buffet.  That was pretty good. After that we went looking for less-actives all day/talking with people in Real Estate offices trying to find addresses. It was kinda funny.  They talked the most out of anybody "wow, you look cold? what on earth are you doing?" and that just led to a nice little discussion... That night we had a 삼겹살 (thick bacon) party which was suuuuuper delicious. Man they bought a ton of it, more than anybody could eat. It was great.  That was a good time with them.

Wednesday we got up early and dropped off Elder Dixon at the bus stop... That was sad to see him just hop on a bus by himself.  They got rid of transfer meetings, so we just send people by themselves now. It's weird without Elder Dixon here, he was a great guy.  Definitely going to have to visit him in Australia.  After that was just more less-active hunting, and walking around freezing, trying to talk with other freezing Koreans... doesn't work out too well. They don't like the cold any more than mom does, which is saying something. It's kinda funny.

Thursday we planned activities to do so we don't just suffer like an idiot during the winter... That was much needed, although we can't do a lot of stuff it seems... We can't even watch Korean history movies... only church stuff.

Friday we watched a mission worldwide broadcast which was alright.  It talked a lot on the basics of missionary work. After that we planned, then met Kim Dae Hyun. a 17 year-old, who is moving back to Seoul... Dang it, he was such a nice kid. Wish we could meet him again...

Saturday we did English class.

Snow Art
Sunday,  went to Church and more out in the freezing cold.... not much new.

Well, there's my lovely week,
-Elder Mortensen

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