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December 14, 2015 (Week 52)

December 14, 2015

This week was pretty crazy,

Elders Ashby and Mortensen
Monday we didn't do much, except email and jundo... I think we did other stuff too, but I can't remember and it's in my other planner, haha. Nothing too special though.
Tuesday was temple day. It was my zone, and Gireum zone, so I got to see old friends again. Elder Saunders is finally leaving there, after 10-11 months there, haha.  He got there when I got to Korea. It was good to see him again.  We did that, went and ate a lot of pizza at the buffet, then headed over to the national war museum. That was pretty cool, but a lot of it was closed and we couldn't spend a lot of time there cause of travel and such.  Pretty fun.  Then we had English class.  There I got to see some more friends before I took off.
Wednesday we met Kim Dong Ho, our pastor buddy... It was going well through the whole Plan of Salvation, then he suddenly brought up Revelations again... that led to him, Elder Ashby, and our member getting into an argument, where manners were ignored and voices were raised... Kim got mad when we told him that President Monson is a prophet of God and that it was made known through the Holy Ghost. He got up, put on his winter gear, asked for our proof that he is called of God, then left. Kind of a bummer, and kinda saw it coming, but it was still sad to see happen. He liked to bring up Revelations, and wouldn't ever see our view on stuff in the bible.  Big change from our first lesson.  After that we had dinner with Ee Yoon Heng. We ate, got some snacks after, then he said he had to leave.  He gave me a huge neck warmer, since I was going to the coast, haha. It's super big, but pretty warm. I'll miss him, he was fun to be with. I really hope he keeps meeting with missionaries.  After we said hi to Lincoln, talked with him about his job, and where his family is at. I'm gonna miss them too, they were always super nice to us.
Thursday was transfers. everybody out in the countryside, got transferred into the city, kind of a bummer. Elder Green is going back to his greenie area, haha.  He was kinda shocked about that. I'm now with Elder Megargel. He's from Eagle Mountain, Utah, and has been out a transfer less than me. We hooked up, then headed out. We rode the subway for a while, then the bus for a couple more hours.  And thus I came to Gangneung.  This place is awesome.  There are still people, but not as busy, space in between places, no skyscrapers, it's great. We haven't explored much of it though. We taught English class that night.   I'm now with Elders Megargel, Dixon and Jung Jeen Sup. Elder Dixon is from Australia and dies this transfer, Elder Jung the one after, then there's us, haha. It's a fun house.
Friday was just jundo.  We were supposed to meet with an investigator but he cancelled, so we jundoed most of the night. This place is beautiful!
Saturday we had a district meeting to plan stuff, then English class. We did a lot more jundo after that.

Ee Yoon Heng and Elder Mortensen
Sunday we had church with our 20 members, then had lunch after.  Super fun ward. They actually are friends, not just merely going to the same church. I wish that was a thing everywhere, because everywhere needs help, even Utah. So many people don't know who others are. It's kinda sad really.

Well, sorry, kinda short, but still taking it all in. I love this place, hopefully I can stay here for a while!

Love ya, Elder Mortensen

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