Sunday, January 10, 2016

January 11, 2016 (Week 56)

January 11, 2016

Gotta Love Korean Artwork...
Welllllllllll yeah,
This week was pretty good. Let's take it from the top, shall we?
Monday was nothing special... I learned how to play Korean chess, and man, it's kinda hard. You have to learn CHINESE characters to play KOREAN chess... Go figure.... so yeah, I can't remember the pieces half the time, but it was kinda fun. It's still better watching 80 year-old men get into it and slam the pieces down, haha.  Pretty boring day otherwise, nothing too exciting with it being winter and stuff.  But after that was family night. That was a game night, which was pretty fun, but the members chickened out cause it was hard. You go on each side of half of a ping pong table and try to blow the ball off the others' sides.  They made some really funny faces, You'll have to try it sometime.
Tuesday was interesting. We traveled down to a little town down south, and turns out it's a P-day type of town.  Not much down there as far as regular people.  Everybody was at a couple parks or tourist places, but we met a couple cool people and then bounced back up to civilization... That's the tough part about out here, there are only a certain areas that actually have a good amount of people. You want to visit other places, but when you could walk for hours with nobody, kinda shoots that idea down. So we did that, tried to visit a less active, then saw a member that is sick right now on the street. He has cancer I think, and he has to go into the hospital in a couple days. So that was cool to see him and try and help him out.
Wednesday was zone meeting. That was pretty good, shared stuff from the mission president seminar, and talked a lot about faith and repentance and how that's want you want, not just people getting baptized to get baptized. We did that, then went on a goose chase trying to meet a guy. We went on a 40 minute walk to some church, only for him to forget that we agreed a minute ago to go there. Then we went up, found some restaurant that he was at.  He sat down, said hi, took a Book of Mormon, then said he had a meeting he had to go to... Freak. That was lame...  not much else that day, just some more walking around.
Yummy Seafood??
Thursday we got cancelled on, and others weren't home, so it was a somewhat long day.
We had a couple meals the rest of the week, went on an exchange with Elder Dixon, (talk about that next week? ) and picked up two baptismal dates, that was pretty cool.  Well, time kinda snuck up, sorry, I'll finish this later.
Love you all,
-Elder Mortensen

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