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December 21, 2015 (Week 53)

December 21, 2015

What up?

At the East Coast
Monday: P-day was just going around and picking stuff up to make some Christmas gifts for members. Nothing too exciting, we got to go to another buffet though. That was pretty good. That night we had Family Home Evening.  That was fun. I played Uno with a couple members. Man, they got pretty into it, doing stuff I didn't even know you could do, haha. That was a fun time though. We shared a message about President Monson's talk on keeping the commandments. It's a pretty good talk.  I think it was the second or third paragraph that just summarized commandments pretty beautifully.
Tuesday: We headed out to find a referral we got from the sisters... that was a nightmare.  It was some apartment complex buried out in the middle of who knows where... we went down one path, didn't find it, asked 4-5 people, and they all gave us different responses... eventually we found the place.. only to have 3 women leaving the apartment... soooo ya, that was interesting. Kind of cool though, I got to see trees, and space, and there were some small farms even. First time seeing that in about a year. I love this place, everything is a lot more just spread out. It's like being in South Jordan, then you go to St. George, and you're just like, "wow, big streets, slower feel, I could get used to this".  That's the best way I can describe it.  So we did that, then went to do "pictures with Santa" as a district, which turned out to be 2 Elders doing something, while the rest just kinda walked around. So me and Elder Megargel left and went up to the college in the area. That was pretty cool, we met some cool people up there.  We taught a guy the whole first lesson on the street, another guy about half of it. One guy wanted to meet us again (mainly for English and be friends), but hey, we can work with it.  So that place was pretty cool.  They also have a taco place that sells pretty good burritos for 3 bucks.  So now I have that, and we make burritos at least 2-3 times a week here. It's pretty good. For some reason,  Korea made me love burritos... (sorry, mom!) That was a pretty good night. We met a guy who told us that they were building the Olympics, only to tear it down 2 weeks after its over, because there's not enough people around to maintain it, and use it... pretty sad, just another reason Utah should get it again... haha

Wednesday:  We had 4 lessons scheduled... only 1 met, and that was just to have a hot chocolate and talk... really nice guy.  He's a body builder (so he's pretty massive) and out of town for 4 weeks... bummer.  He says he'll come back and check out our church when he gets back, so we're holding onto that hope.  A lot of people left for school/vacation/going home.  So yeah, kinda of a bummer, but who knows maybe later he'll come back. After that, it was jundoing around, having people cancel.
 Thursday: We had district meeting, which was terrifying. I didn't really have much to go off of from zone meeting, and other things, and the topic was just Christmas... Pretty vague, so I didn't have much, but managed to pull out a decent meeting. I hate talking in front of people, whether it is missionaries, members, or English class, public speaking is not for me... And, I'm fine with that, haha.  After that, we jundoed around and then had an English class.  This edition consists of one table full of old grandmas that are half decent at English, then another table where one guy talks the whole time. It was an interesting place.  One of our investigators came to it, but left before we could have a lesson (he is the biggest flake ever... He's already cancelled like 4 appointments).  That's been frustrating.
Friday: We had weekly planning, and then we went to a place called 주문진. (Joo Moon Jeen).  It's about thirty minutes by bus, and right by the coast.  We went visited a less active (he came out and asked if we were "Mar Eer" which is how the old church name was 말일 .... (it changed 10 years ago...) so he's been pretty less active for years now.  That was one of the first times a less-active has answered and admitted he was baptized though, which was cool. We did that, jundoed, and saw the coast.  That was pretty cool. Now, with going out to the west in May, DMZ in October, and here in December, I just need to find a way to get to the south end, haha (without breaking rules of course) (I heard that there's some place here, if North Korea attacks goes south for emergencies... hmmm.....) anyway, that's pretty cool to say I went coast-to-coast in Korea, haha.  We were supposed to meet the afore mentioned investigator, but he canceled because his back hurt...
World Cup Bridge
Saturday: We did work for some Christmas stuff, then had English class. nothing too new, except nobody really showed up, it was kinda weird. after that was jundo and trying to get gifts figured out.
Sunday: We had church, then we went out and delivered gifts to members, and met some cool people. I walked down "World Cup Bridge", which was kinda cool.  We met some sweet people, hopefully we can meet them again, although this week is super busy.

Today we are in Seoul, we have Christmas party with the president, then stay at his house for the night, then tomorrow we have p-day/travel, Wednesday a flash mob activity in a different city (hour by bus).  Friday is our ward party, Saturday is calling home... pretty nuts...

Christmas Tree Greetings
Well, love you all,
Elder Mortensen

Mark 13:37

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