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December 28, 2015 (Week 54)

December 28, 2015

Elders Mortensen and Megargel
Ok, Monday, we went into Seoul, and had conference in there. Pretty cool, it was only 16-ish people, and we all stayed at the presidents house. We had abelskievers for dinner, since that's a Sonksen family tradition.  Super fun.  We got to watch part of the Christmas message from the First Presidency. Cool talks.  We stayed the night at presidents. I found out that I'll get released on December 22nd next year, so I am officially more than half over... Super weird...
Abelskivers at the Presidents

Tuesday we got up, had breakfast, then took off for the temple.  We got into a session with some other white people, so we got an English session.  That was cool, kinda fun to just chill in the temple. We ate lunch after, then headed back to our area.  Overall a fun little trip into Seoul, probably my only one for the next couple weeks, maybe more pending on transfer calls next month.
Wednesday we went over to Wonju, another city in our zone. We had planned on doing a big zone flashmob for Christmas.  So we practiced for a while, then went over and did the mob, and yeah... there weren't a whole lot of people there... Kahng Won Doe isn't the best place for a flash mob it turns out... but we did the actual flash mob, then went to another place and caroled and sang for a couple of hours. That was pretty fun day.
Thursday was a regular day of missionary work. We went and tried to visit another less active that lives quite a ways from our house, so that took a little while. We did jundo the rest of the time between that.
Friday we had our Christmas party with our branch.  That was cool. We had a talent show, the Elders did a play, (that was interesting) then we watched Christmas videos, and had dinner.  I love this branch still, they are super fun and really nice people.
Saturday we called home (obviously haha) then went out and jundoed all night. We got canceled on by a couple people, so we didn't do much.
Sunday we had church then jundo. Not much else happened there either. It snowed and melted for an hour.  That was pretty fun.

Korean Nativity
Well, sorry there's not much here, it was pretty much just Christmas activities and jundo. Pretty fun week overall. I loved talking with you earlier in the week,

-Elder Mortensen

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