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February 1, 2016 (Week 59)

February 1, 2016

Another view of the New Years sunrise
Ok, I guess I actually have something to report this week, haha.

Monday we didn't do much, but as we were walking to email, we were stopped by a guy who wanted to talk about our message. Turns out he was a Jehovah's Witness, and wanted to find our "trump verse" that proves clearly that Joseph Smith is a prophet. We tried to explain that there wasn't really a verse, but just prayer and God will tell you. Then, we talked about how God has a body, and the Spirit is a spirit, but in the personage of a man, and all that... didn't get very far with him, but he was really nice. That night we tried to visit a less-active and her son answered the door and got mad and seemed to start to cry(?) about the fact that we knew his moms name and address. We tried to explain she gave us the address when she was baptized, but he didn't like that and said it was illegal. Not your average visit, but was kind of interesting.  That night we had a couple Chinese buddies come to Family Night at the church. Two of the three understood the game, but the one just kind of sat there like in a stupor the whole time.  Overall, a pretty fun time.

Tuesday we met 이상준 in the morning.  He is 20, and his sister is a less-active. He didn't know about the church, so he agreed to let us teach him.  We taught him the Restoration and he has already read the Book of Mormon a little and the pamphlet.  Super cool kid, hopefully we can meet him again.  After that, we just went around the city looking for any sort of service project to do... not much came of that.

Wednesday was some more proselyting after district meeting.  But that night we had movie night, and showed Joseph Smith.  We are trying out new activities to get people to bring friends to the church, or get investigators or people on the street to come over.  That was good, a couple members came, hopefully that can keep building though.

Thursday we had a member meal, so we went over there and ate pretty good and shared a quick message (President Uchtdorf's Women's Session talk, "summer with great Aunt Rose) pretty good talk actually. I was impressed.  After that we tried to find some less actives in the area, met a couple cool people, then had to come back for English class... not much new there.

Friday was sweet. One, it finally snowed. Two, we had another buffet.  Three, we met some great people. A couple weeks ago we met a guy who said we could visit his house, and so today we finally got around to it. It turns out, he and his wife had seen the other elders pass by everyday, so they were pretty curious about our church and what the heck we were doing.  So we had about an hour chat with them about the church, and they seemed really interested and wanted to read the Book of Mormon. That was a pretty cool miracle for us. Then we "slided" our way to the buffet (cause there was snow!) to celebrate Elder Megargel's 1 year mark.  That was pretty fun.

Saturday, we studied then went to the church and shoveled out snow from the parking lot, then had English class... After English we finished the parking lot since there was a fair amount of snow still. We did that until dinner, then went and proselyted and tried to find some less actives.

Sunday we had church, then met 조재현.  He studied at USC for college, so he is still pretty good at English (He is in his 40s?).  The first thing he said was that he was atheist and wanted to just get coffee with us... great... What a perfect way to start off the lesson.... But as time went on, he told us that he was wondering about God, and a lot on the Plan of Salvation questions.  So we had a pretty good talk about that.  Then we headed off to Seoul to stay the night at presidents house. (3 hour bus ride later....)

More Snow Art
Today I got my foreigner card renewed.  Now we are off to a burger buffet then back to home.

Love ya,
-Elder Mortensen

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