Friday, January 9, 2015

January 8, 2015 (Week3)

January 8, 2015

Week 3 (?) the weeks blend now

Let's see what happened this week...

Sister Furner. I went to school with
her. She is going to Kansas.
She' s pretty cool
I played the piano again, now that I got the sheet music. Thanks for that. And I'm down to play in sacrament some times, which will be cool. It's so nice playing again, and listening to it. Apparently they don't allow any sort of music, but at like 10 at night I just sit quietly in my room listening to it. I don't think about anything but the music, and its the best 10 minutes of my day.

We had our first TRC on Friday. It's basically teaching a family evening thought thing. It kinda sucked. We had 2 natives from Korea. The first one was an old lady who just spoke English half the time and corrected us when we tried to say something. We spent 20 minutes trying to introduce ourselves. The next person was a tiny Korean lady who looked like a ghost. She hardly spoke and when she did, we couldn't understand her. So we went through our lesson in like 5 minutes, and sat there awkwardly for a while longer. That was not very fun to do. I don't understand the purpose of it, to be honest.

Things with Elder Cazier are still tense.  He always thinks he can't speak anything, but he is doing just fine. We have flashes of good times.

Class is getting better. We are learning grammar forms now, so we can actually put together sentences and be able to speak our thoughts. I've had that happen during our "investigator" lessons. I feel the spirit help me to say things I wouldn't of thought of before hand. Korean is still a struggle though.

Sunday was weird. The oldest elders were leaving, so it was basically a farewell day. We had a mission conference, which is a devotional, because it was Fast Sunday. Turns out we are getting a new MTC presidency next week, and a new mission president in June, so should be fun. But anyway, during Sacrament Meeting, all the old elders and sisters got up and just bore their testimony about how much they love the MTC, our district, Korea... etc. It was kinda cool, but really repetitive. Oh yeah, I also got called as the sacrament meeting coordinator, so that should be fun. It doesn't sound too hard though. We went to the temple after, and as a zone all the elders took a picture, minus Elder Tate's district, they always do their own thing. It was cool experience though. That night we went as a zone to go see Legacy in Korean for our Sunday movie, and they sat there and made fun of the Korean voices half the time. We had a native Korean elder, and they laughed at one moment, so he just got up and left. Elder Seely (awesome guy) got up and called everybody out for mocking it. He is going to Seoul, and I really hope I see him again. He was always just that quiet guy who was still fun to be around, and you could tell he had the spirit. The mood after that was just silent. Everybody felt super bad. That was a neat experience.

About 14 people left our branch, so we are freaking tiny now haha. It's weird not seeing them anymore. We got new people though yesterday. We got three elders, 2 are going to Daejon, and one is going to Canada haha its kinda funny

We hosted the senior missionaries on Monday. That was a nice break from the classroom. We just carried their bags to their room. It was cool to do that. There was a cute girl from Mr. Mac delivering clothes, and all the elders volunteered to help haha. It was so funny to see 8 elders jump to help her out haha.

"Drunk" with Martinelli's Cider.
The new elders looked at me funny
I already downed my bottle of Martinelli's which was delicious. Not much else happened yesterday. I got a Dear Elder from Tyler Griffiths telling me he is getting his call soon. You'll have to tell me where he goes. That's been my week in a nut shell.  

Love you all, and have a good week

-Elder Garrett

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