Thursday, January 22, 2015

January 22, 2015 (Week 5)

January 22, 2015

"It's been such a long time... think I should be going" -Boston, Long Time

That's how this week has been for me, haha.

Bored in Class
First off, you guys are the best! A little overboard with the Dear Elders, but I definitely won. I only got 2 letters, both from girls they have dated haha. I even got one email address. So yeah, the competition is over, so you don't have to send any more letters to them haha. They don't look forward to mail anymore cause they know they are going to get more quotes from mom haha.   Now if you could send me some letters, that would be great :D

This week we had some native Koreans come in, and if all Koreans are like that, I'm not coming home. They are the funniest, happiest people ever. It's 6 sisters and 1 elder, and they are hilarious. Not to mention the technology they have. They have cameras where the whole back side is a flip up screen so you can see yourself when taking a picture. Not only that, but it recognizes when you wink, and will take the picture then. We were all freaking out about this, and they just sat there and laughed at our amazement haha But yeah, if everybody is like that, I'm not coming back to this country

Thank you for the song lyrics, they are amazing. Those lyrics help keep me sane in here. Oh, and thank Joleen for the package again, it was super nice.

Like I said earlier, I got 2 letters from girls. One was Elder Green's girlfriend, who gave me her email haha. I've been giving Elder Green a hard time about it all week. I may start writing her haha.

You already know this from the phone call, dad, but I got into the ortho this week to get my bracket put back in. It was so nice to go off campus and see the outside world for at least an hour, if not more. I even got to listen to music again haha, but yeah, the bracket is back in, and let's just pray it doesn't pop off again.

I had a couple rough days this week. We started working on more grammar forms, and when they started throwing in more objects and whatnot, my mind just couldn't piece it together. I got so frustrated and down, cause up until that point, everything had been clicking for me. Korean had been making sense, then that came along. I just wanted to walk out of the class room and vent for a couple minutes by myself. Sister Smith talked with me for a while and helped walk me through it and stuff. That helped a lot, and she said to use the Atonement to help me learn Korean. I thought that was a little weird but it helped me a lot.   That night I was just by myself at residence and I just read "I Stand All Amazed". I love that hymn. Don't sing it, just read the lyrics and the words used in the first verse especially. That's exactly how I felt that night. I went into my room and just prayed to God for help and strength to get through this trial. That was a great experience for me. The next night was TRC, and our topic was on The Atonement. I shared Luke 22:43 where Christ needed an angel for help. I related that back to how much more we need help, if even Jesus needed help. I started to bear my testimony and I started to choke up. I couldn't speak for a couple minutes. I love Jesus and the Atonement more than I thought I did.

We got a new MTC presidency this week, so we got to hear from Elder Nelson again, and Elder Ballard on Tuesday. They were pretty good talks. Both times we got there early so we sat on like the front rows. It was sweet.

Meeting with his
Uncle Scott and Aunt Debbie
So meeting Scott... I was looking for some cereal bowls, and I went to the side I never go to to look for them, when i saw Scott and Debbie sitting talking to someone. I snuck up and starting hugging Scott haha  We talked for a minute, then had to go off to class. That night, I saw them getting dinner, so I ditched the Korean missionaries and just sat with them and talked about life and family. He was saying how grandpa helped set him apart and gave them a blessing. That was great to hear. Sounds like he's doing awesome right now. He said grandma was sad to see him go, since not too many people stop by anymore. Hope she is doing well though. I've seen Scott and Debbie a couple times since

Elder Green ate 15 bowls of ice cream last night. so I'm no longer king haha. He really did die that night haha

I'll try to write more later, my laundry is done...
If not, I love you guys

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