Thursday, January 29, 2015

January 29, 2015 (Week 6) (Mailed Letter)

January 25, 2015

Hey Fam,

Walking with the MTC
Presidency 1st Counselor
Day 1
How's it going?  Time for my Sunday Newsletter, haha.  Things are pretty good here, except the oldest districts are leaving tonight, so it's kinda sad today.  Today has been pretty relaxed, it is a nice break.  Remember the old guy that was with me on the first day?  His is the MTC Presidency 1st Counselor, and he stopped by to our Sacrament and Priesthood meetings. He remembered walking around with me.   It was cool to see him again.  I've still not given a talk in Sacrament.  Let's hope I can avoid it for a couple more weeks, haha.  I think I'm going to give the blessing next week. That should be fun.

Here is a venting session, so feel free to skip this paragraph.  I about blew up at Elder [name omitted to protect the guilty :) ] just barely.  Anything I say he has to contradict, so I finally just walked out of class and hucked my pen down the hall.  I was so freaking mad at him.  I was that close to just letting him have it. He always has to be right, no matter the situation.  I'm about to smack him if he says something again.  That's why I'm venting here, and not to him.

Other than that, life's great.  Elder Cazier and I are actually talking now, and can tolerate each other's presence.  Elder Hansen and I help each other out, since we both have callings and whatnot, and Elder Green and I just laugh and have a good time.  I talk to some of the younger districts but not too many.  I guess we are getting 18 new missionaries on Wednesday, including one native who will be with our district.

The language is coming slowly but surely. I guess Koreans love foreigners who attempt to learn the language.

Love you all,

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