Thursday, January 15, 2015

January 15, 2015 (Week 4)

January 15, 2015

Week 4 was pretty good

"Hosting" during the new
missionaries drop off
We finally got to go the temple, which was nice, since we haven't gone yet due to Christmas and New Years... That was a nice refresher. They showed a different video though, which was a little strange, but still good.

TRC this week was a lot better. We just decided to share our personal favorite scriptures, then have the member share his favorite. I of course chose Galatians 2:20 as mine, which was awesome. I'm trying now to get it down in Korean so I can share it even better. Elder Cazier shared Ether 12:28 (?) I think that's the right verse. He seemed disinterested, so he kinda struggled with his.

I finally heard from Brad this week. That sucks about his car and school, but hey, I'll switch him classes haha He can sit in the same tiny cell that sucks your life force everyday, haha. Hope he and Shay and Bronson are doing well, and everything will work out there.

So for service on Saturday we were talking to the janitor in charge, and she asked where I was from and when I said South Jordan, she said that she loved South Jordan. Turns out that was her first area on her mission, in the Country Crossing stake. I almost said that sucks, cause being on a mission in South Jordan sounds awful. I guess she stayed with an old lady who complained that 11400 South was a paved road now, and how South Jordan is all rich people now, haha. It was weird.

Right after class we have an additional study time for a little bit, so me and Elder Green have started "Korean-izing" songs haha. We tried, say like, Don't Worry, Be Happy", "Bohemian Rhapsody", The Beatles, and others. We got a little bored, haha. Our teacher came in and saw that and just laughed.

So every Sunday we are given a topic for the next Sunday's talks, and they don't tell who is speaking until right after the Sacrament has been passed, so its like a Mormon Russian Roulette. We all thought it was on the Atonement for last Sunday, until the morning of, when everyone else said it was on faith in Jesus Christ. That whole morning we sat there scrambling to think of stuff to say and how to say it. Luckily I didn't get called on, but it's always nerve wracking.

I will never have more than 2 bowls of ice cream at one sitting again. On Sunday, me, Elder Green, and Elder Hansen all had a contest, in which I had 8 bowls. I about died afterward, but it was fun. Monday, we thought of the bright idea to try and chug chocolate milk. The chocolate milk here is thicker than you would think. Elder Green and I had three glasses and about threw up. It hurt more than the ice cream did.  Then yesterday, I was determined to beat Elder Green's record of 9 bowls, so I pounded down 10 bowls of ice cream during dinner. Needless to say, I felt like I wanted to die. but hey, I'm first one to reach double digits, so I'm retiring from that sport.

Yesterday we hosted regular missionaries. Except our district (minus Elder Green) and the Seoul  South district got selected for directing traffic, hence the fireman coat and gloves haha. I saw the Klinglers, Lleweyans drop off Ryan, and a friend from school. It was weird to see them again. Hosting was a nice break from the class though. the police guy in charge of traffic said we could come back any week, and do traffic if we wanted, so we will probably do that every Wednesday if we can.   Right after hosting we were supposed to teach a "less active" member (aka our teacher still) but we didn't have any time to prepare a lesson so we just went in there and winged it. I felt the Spirit there. I was able to talk with her and feel love for her and try to help her become active again. It was a cool experience. Then during the night lesson, we were supposed to teach an investigator who still had concerns about the gospel and whatnot, and I could actually understand him, that was awesome to be able to understand most of what he was saying.

Elder Cazier seems to finally be turning a corner. He is interested in actually planning things out, and trying to study and whatnot.  At least he is showing signs of life. We are still on different pages, but at least on the same book. I feel like all the other companions have it figured out and whatnot, they actually talk to each other. Me and Elder Cazier don't really talk much, which is fine with me. It's just hard sometimes because we are so far different personality wise. Korean is really clicking for me now. Their grammar structure is screwed up (just ask Cary) but other than that, I'm understanding how the language works. we keep learning different forms, so it definitely helps in being able to speak and read and understand it better. Come on dad, it only took me like 3 days to figure out how Korean alphabet works, what's the hold up with you? haha [I told Garrett, Cary was trying to teach me the alphabet and I said I barely know English, haha]

Sorry this email seems short, I've just been hitting the MTC groove where everything seems the same. Best of luck to you all! Please send letters too. You don't know how nice it is to have mail. Even if it is a simple 30 second dearelder, it makes my day.   Me, Elder Green and Elder Anderson of the Seoul South mission have a contest, so if you could send them a bunch of dearelders too that would be awesome. Loser has to take a 10 minute freezing shower, and I don't really want to do that, so spread the word to write to them. Their addresses are:

Jordan Green, Unit 58 Korea Seoul
Blake Anderson, Unit 59 Korea Seoul South

Love you all, I might sneak on later to get a couple pictures off. My camera is charging right now.
-Elder Garrett
Zone Missionaries

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