Sunday, October 30, 2016

October 31, 2016 (Week 98)

October 31, 2016

This week...

At Home in Do Bong
A lot of decorating.. not even kidding.  I think we had to go to the church everyday this week for a couple hours for it. Especially the haunted house we made.  We would hang up sheets, then they would fall down.  So we're hang them up, and they fell down.  So spent a ton of time on that, but it turned out well.  About 40-50 people came between both wards, pretty good. We did a lot of mini games stuff, and most people liked the haunted house we made.  If you really care to know about it, ask me later, too hard to explain over email.

Besides that...
I went on exchange with Elder Roe.  He is super chill, fun time talking with him.  We just walked around, decorated, and did streetboarding. It was a good day for that..

We did the music night.  From our entire stake, only about 40-50 came,  and most of them had a part in the presentation, so not that good at all.  But, afterward we had a meal with the 2nd counselor because Elder Lowe is leaving.  It was a really good meal with them. They're a nice family.

Elders Mortensen and Lowe,
Second Counselor and Family
Transfers... I'm staying/dying in Do Bong!! Dying with Elder Jung Young Hoon.   Sick, my one Korean companion!  We've done a lot of stuff with him already, so we both know each other. It should be fun.  Elder Lowe is going south, right next to the river. It was an interesting two transfers with him.

Not much else happened this week, take care!

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