Sunday, November 6, 2016

November 7, 2016 (Week 99)

November 7, 2016

Ok, this week...

Monday we went and found another market to check out. I found some chopsticks, a cool sweater, but nothing too special today
Elders Mortensen and Hall
Tuesday was freezing cold.  Man, it got cold fast!  We all almost died.  Anyway, we didn't do much during the day, but at night Bay Gyoung Whan and Sheen Sung Hee said that they could meet.  So we met both of them!  That was cool... Sheen: He says he felt happy at his baptism, was happy when he repented, but nowadays doesn't really care. Pretty frustrating, seeing he had good experiences, but then doesn't care.   Bay: We taught the rest of the commandments, and the only hard thing is just church for him, due to school work. But, he is doing good.
Wednesday  I picked up Elder Jung. It's been super fun with him.  He doesn't really care to learn English from me, so we just talk in Korean the whole time. It's kinda funny, the first couple days he was surprised that I was good at Korean for not having a Korean companion yet.  But, it's been fun with him.  He is super fun to talk with, brings a new life into the house.  He doesn't really care to speak much English.  He does talk with Elder Roe in English, but not really with me. It's kinda funny though, since being on the mission, he's picked up "what the heck" and "dang it" and "flip man".  He says it all the time, it's pretty funny... Wednesday night was English class... Not to sound trunky (ready to go home) But... only 10 more classes!!!!  Happy day!!
Thursday we did a lot of street proselyting, nothing really worth noting...
Friday we went down to Bay's college, where we ate lunch with him and his classmate.  Bay talks a lot about meeting us, about the church, feels like it's a good church to join, pretty fun meal.  The friend only had a foreigner interest it seemed, but maybe there is hope. We came back, did weekly planning, then we visited a member. It was a bit awkward. We hopped in the elevator with their non-member daughter.  It's a weird situation when you go to the same floor.  So, she went in first, then we were talking for a minute, then the mom came out. So we went in, and the father comes out, sees Elder Jung, and goes on a bit of a rant about how the president should make missionaries stay for at least 6 months in an area... Kinda strange when he really doesn't care about missionary work.   Then just got up and started eating with out talking with us. It was a pretty weird visit.
English Translation At It's Finest
Saturday was a lot of English class, and street proselyting. We had ramen with a less-active, that was fun.
Sunday Bay Gyoung Whan came to church.  That was sweet!  Plus, the ward talked with him, which was good.  Keep praying for him, please!   After that,  street work... yay.

Well, take care!
-Elder Mortensen

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