Monday, October 24, 2016

October 17, 2016 (Week 96)

October 17, 2016

Elder Mortensen at the Lantern Festival

Monday we went to Dong Day Moon for Elder Roe. I looked at all the ties, still nothing special anymore.  After that we came back and ate and played Settlers of Catan. Fun day.  After that we did some flyering at the lantern festival that was going on this week. There was a good stream of people, and we met some really nice families.
Tuesday we went and visited a member.  He usually isn't there at that time, but his schedule changed so he was there! We had a good talk with him and hopefully we can keep him working with some people.  He's been trying to get to church.  After that we did some halloween party planning, and singing practice, since our stake is doing a music night. After was dinner and street boarding.  That was alright, nothing super great.
Wednesday we had district meeting, then went and practiced some more for a little bit, then went on exchanges with Elder Judd. We pretty much just ate dinner and had English class... yippee...
Thursday Elder Judd and I went to a leadership conference Pres. Sonksen had set up. It was pretty much all the ZL's, DL's, STL's, and trainers come in and get a long training on becoming the new leaders, the new face of the mission. It was a really good meeting though. We talked about simplifying the work, getting all on the same page.  So now the mission feels a lot more on the same page, the same thoughts, instead of just relying on zone leaders interpretation of his words. We came back, closed exchanges, then went and walked around, and went to the festival.
Friday we had planning, streetboarding, then got cancelled on by a couple of people, so we tried to visit some members, but they were busy, and ended up with not much to do.
Saturday was more walking around, English class, then a long member meal...  It's difficult to tell them we shouldn't stay too long.  It's a struggle of keeping time effective/ keeping a good relationship with members.. but yeah, we ate a lot of meat, and didn't feel happy afterwards, haha.
Sunday we had church, and more proselyting...
Tigger and Piglet in Korea
This week not much happened. Nobody seems willing to meet, and not a lot of stuff happening in Do Bong ward. Bay Gyoung Whan has mid-terms this week, which means that he will be studying all day everyday for the next 2 weeks, dang it.  

Well, take care,
-Elder Mortensen

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