Sunday, October 16, 2016

October 10, 2016 (Week 95)

October 10, 2016

Ok, this week...

Ward Activity
Monday we went bowling with a couple members, so thats why I hopped on late last week, sorry folks. But, it was pretty fun. I bowled a 167 one time. I'm pretty proud of that. After that we emailed, shopped, wandered around, nothing too special.  That night we met Heo Say Moo (that's the best way to say his name) We met him in July, and finally got around to meeting him again. We had a good lesson, and he seemed pretty interested in the the resurrected Christ somehow visiting America.  That sparked some interest, hopefully we can build on that.

Tuesday we went and just talked on the streets with people, got lost at one point, but managed to make it out ok. Nothing really exciting to report about today.

Wednesday we had zone meeting, talked a lot about the basics of missionary work; planning, faith, teaching simply, etc., all because our mission is really young.  By the time I leave almost all companionships will be training or greenie-breaking (3rd transfer).  It's pretty crazy, so they are reviewing basics right now. It was an alright meeting, came back, went around the block talking with people, before English class and dinner.

Thursday we went and did service, came back and as soon as we left our apartment, our appointment cancelled on us.  Freak, he's done that 2 times now.  It's so frustrating when everybody in the world just cancels on you.  So, we just did a lot more street contacting, went to some festival they have going on, and talked with some cool people there.

Friday we had a couple appointments fall through.  And it started raining, so life just wasn't the best, but later we met Sheen Sung Hee. It's been a while, so it was good to meet him.  He is doing alright, not much desire on his part to come back though.

Saturday was General Conference.  That's about it.  Pretty sweet time though.

Night Shot.  (Red Dots are Crosses on Churches)
Sunday we had Bay Gyoung Whan and Sheen Sung Hee come to the morning session with us, so that was sweet! We watched it in Korean with them, and that was cool to listen to conference in Korean and actually get something from it. We had lunch after the morning session with the ward, then watched some more.  Good conference.  Then we had the dinner with the Digma family again, and family night.  Pretty good weekend.

Well, take care,
-Elder Mortensen

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