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September 7, 2015 (Week 38)

September 7, 2015

Elder ??
Monday we met a guy named Kim Ui Joon. 김의준.  Super cool guy.  He went to Iowa University for 4 years. He has a lot of the same opinions on stuff, like he doesn't like smoking, barely drinks, (loves coffee though). Lives the law of chastity already, I'm pretty sure.  The one downside is that he just believes that believing is enough. He doesn't see why we need to change our lives, if Jesus will accept us as we are. Haven't met him again, but hopefully he will meet again next week. Later, grabbed some Baskin Robbins at night, and watched the Testaments after planning. That was pretty fun.
Tuesday was temple day.  We took an hour bus ride on a freakin' crowded bus.  That was a terrible idea. But the temple was nice. Always good to go there.  I didn't really know anybody there, so didn't really talk with others. So sad, everyone I know is either in America, Nokbeon, or on the coast..... After that we went to some museum, when the war memorial was across the street.  We saw some cool art things, but overall it was kinda lame.  Stopped by Dong De Moon and we all got soccer jerseys (I got a sweet Korea one, with my name in English now) and a couple 1 dollar ties :D.  After that was jundo to end the night.

 Wednesday we ate at Mr. Pizza buffet since it was Elder Saunders year mark in country.  That was great. I had Hawaiian pizza for the first time in 8 months, and man, it was delicious. I love pizza now, it's pretty good here. We eat it quite often now. Later met with 염상준.  He is 30s, really strange, and has no job, no college, and likes video games. We tried to talk at a McDonalds, but it was super loud, and he was talking with a full mouth. Later we talked at a cafe for a little bit with him. Got another appointment, but he punked it... (weird guy).  We ran into a member after, who bought us some 빙수 and we talked with him. He is a cool guy. We talked with him for our dinner hour, then went out to meet our half recent convert Angel. We met him before English class and taught the first lesson again to him.
Thursday we did weekly planning... and man, I have no idea how to help investigators. Everytime I look from their view,  I think "I'm a 16 year-old, why do I care?", or "I've got buddies at my church, eh, who cares".  So everytime I just see a dead end, so I'm not sure how to help them.  For me the gospel just clicks and makes sense.  Trying to get that figured out.  Later went to the church for singing practice. Me and Elder Eagar talked a little bit there.  He is a cool guy to talk with too.  Not much else happened.
Friday was mission tour.  Elder Whiting (of the Seventy) is our new area president, so he came and stopped by. Talked a lot on the Holy Ghost and faith to baptize, pretty good stuff.  Got to see a couple friends there, since there were 4 out of 7 zones there, and yet, nobody from Nokbeon or the coast..... lame. After the conference, Pres. Sonksen came up and was like, "Elder Mortensen, you have an interview with Elder Whiting"... gulp... that was scary.  The interview was cool though. We talked about some stuff  I'm struggling with, and kinda humbled me a bit.  Read Abraham 1:2, so I would recommend that scripture to read. Great stuff.
Needs some English help :)
Saturday was pretty boring, got punked and jundoed .
Sunday was Fast Sunday, so we jundoed on empty stomachs.... not fun but was a good experience.

Love ya,
-Elder Mortensen

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