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September 21, 2015 (Week 40)

September 21, 2015

Soccer Companions
Wow, this weeks been pretty fun. I'll give you some highlights, then fill in the rest if I have time.

Monday after email we just chilled at the house. We were all pretty dead after the hike. Super fun though, it was worth it. After that we just did some jundo.
Tuesday we went and cleaned up the other house, since Elder Yetter would be living there with a greenie. That was fun.  Took us a couple hours Then me and Elder Saunders dipped out to go meet Goose.  He is doing well.  He is a fun guy.  Maybe I'll see him down here, who knows?  Everybody comes to Shin Chone.  Came back, sent off my luggage, then had another appointment. Luggage is doing good. I switched the wheels, so it gets me by long enough to get to the road and call a cab. I love Korean mail.  Ship my stuff for cheap and it gets there the next day. American mail takes super long compared to Korean.  Our appointment after was sweet.  He is a Japanese guy, who speaks English, and has been here for 20 years.  We talked about almost everything. I can't really describe it, but the spirit was there super strong. He struggled with believing God was there and created a plan for us, but I know he felt something. I wish I could stick around to see if he meets again. That night we met with a less-active that we have been meeting with.  He bought us some really good soup, topped off with octopus and oyster.... yum. Octopus isn't bad, but my liking of it is slowly going down.  For sure going to try live octopus, but regular octopus is just super chewy.
 Wednesday Elder Bean and Elder Eagar got to help out with the new missionaries, since there are 18 new ones, and one of the APs is in military for a week. So they were gone the whole day, and from 1:00-6:00 Elder Saunders went to a trainers training, since he will be training this transfer. So me and Elder Sol Hyun Oo (from my MTC group) hung out and jundoed all day. Man, it would be soo nice to be fluent in Korean and jundo.  He works hard and it would be nice to fully express my thoughts.  Me and him split a pizza since it was our last day, and it was my birthday.  Cool guy.  After, we just went to English class.  Still super boring. After, the sisters gave me cookies, for a farewell/birthday gift.  That was cool.  They were the only ones who remembered it was my birthday. We went back and planned and packed everything up. Pretty lame birthday, not gonna lie.
Thursday was transfers. I'm now with Elder Sullivan.  He is from Sandy, Utah, and on his last transfer... another I get to kill off.... yipee.... he's a cool guy, though. He is a zone leader, so hopefully he wont get trunky on me. We're with Elder Bybee and Elder Skinner in the apartment. Shin Chone is a cool place. A lot of college students, a lot of people, and a lot of cool places to go.  Not the best for jundo, but after the mission it would be fun to go and hang out there sometime.  Who knows, maybe I'll come be an exchange student here. That'd be cool. Hmm, have to check into that.  met a couple people that night, then called it.
Friday was super fun. weekly planning was discussing 15 investigators (.... that's nuts!!!) so that was actually productive.  Later, we met a guy who was dressed like a Mexican cowboy, with 7 earrings. Pretty weird dude. We also ran into a stalker, who is looking for another elder in the mission. She's been following him for over a year now, and is completely nuts. Later, we met a drunk guy who would say "hi, I'm Korean Elvis Presley. Do you know Elvis Presley?" "Take my hand" "I met God Jesus and the Holy Ghost" repeated like 10 times... me and Elder Sullivan were laughing pretty hard at that.
Mexican Korean
Saturday we met a couple other investigators, a couple with dates. We are really hoping to get a couple baptisms by the end of this transfer. We have some really cool people.  Korea and Yeonsee Universities had a big rivalry competition, so all the students were hanging out Saturday night. So many people, it was crazy. It felt like I was at a college football game again.

Not much time, just know that I'm doing good. Elder Sullivan is cool, hanging in there with the house, and the area is super cool. It's going to be an interesting 6 weeks. Who knows what will happen after that, knowing my luck.  Love you all!
Elder Mortensen

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