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October 5, 2015 (Week 42)

October 5, 2015

Alrighty, well, I'll try to remember what happened this week,

Elders Bybee, Sullivan, Mortensen top.
 Elder Skinner bottom
Monday we emailed, then shopped and cleaned some more, since half of it seemed to not get done... So we cleaned for about an hour, then went off and looked for somewhere good to eat.  The taco place was still closed, so we wandered around looking at cool places. We found a cool new restaurant. They had a huge frying pan in the table, and they came over and cooked our food right there for us, kinda like Tepynaki.  Turned out pretty good.  New places are always fun to go try to. After p-day we met a guy named Patrick. He is Chinese, but lived back east for a couple years, so pretty great at English.  However, he knows nothing about the gospel.  We had to explain even what the bible was. Like, breaking it down to the simple basics. He noticed good things about religions, so he was interested. He took the first lesson pretty good, and is willing to meet again.  Super cool guy, pretty funny too.  That and we did some jundo and calls finished our night.
Tuesday we had our temple day, which was fun. I did initiatories with Elder Bean, since all of Gireum was there again.  So we did that, then they let us do the next endowment session too.  Usually its one or the other. We did the Korean session, and it was pretty cool. I understood quite a lot, more than I thought, actually. It's kinda cool, because of the different levels of speech, I learned some new stuff. It goes from super high, king form, to lowest of low form, depending on what is going on.  That was a fun experience.  After that we had lunch with a lot of the other elders, since there is a close place that is cheap, and the owner loves the missionaries. (All owners love it when we come... we eat a lot and come back often haha). So we did that, then took a survey on how to fix English classes here in Korea... yeah... it needs help.  All it is, is just people who come for 10+ years and have no interest... lame.  After that we went back to NOKBEON!  That was awesome!  Since it is in our zone, Elder Sullivan went on exchanges there. That was trippy, walking down streets that I walked the first day I got here, seeing all the old food places. That was suuuper cool. I'll get to go back there for an exchange today too! Anyway, I got to go with Elder Collins, then we headed back to Shin Chon.  He is a greenie, so has no idea what was going on, so I did all the jundo, and even led the lesson with our investigator family. That was cool. It helped me realize how much I do understand.  Pretty cool to realize I can actually help in lessons, and understand where people are coming from. That was hard though, making sure I was setting a good example for him.  He's a pretty cool guy.
Wednesday, we had another weird district meeting, but better than last week.  After that we met So Bo Hyun.  We taught him the Plan of Salvation, and he loved it. He still hasn't been to church because of work, but he loves the gospel.  Now we just need to get him to church, and he could be ready to go! That was the highlight of Wednesday.
Thursday was Elder Sullivan's birthday, so we had fun. It was super cold and rainy though, which wasn't cool. We had a cool member visit. They made him a cake, then met a recent convert who went to dinner with us, and then we did streetboarding in the freezing weather... not fun.  Pretty fun day though.  It's hard though, because now Elder Sullivan is in his last month, so he was talking about home all the time... I hope this doesn't go downhill.... pretty good guy though.
Jersey and Hat (Hiding the haircut?)
Friday we got punked 3 or 4 times.  Our only investigator who showed up was cool.  He is Christian, and loves the bible.  So we started talking, and he had a tough time accepting The Book of Mormon, and the priesthood. We get to meet him again today, but he is a pretty sweet guy. After meeting with him, we just had some more jundo, and some call time.  That night Elder Green and his companion slept over at our house.  They are in the coast, a place called Sok Cho.  His companion is the branch president, so they came in for temple day.  Super fun to see him and hang out with Elder Green again. He talked about how great the coast is... Man, I want to go there soo bad.
Saturday we sat at the church helping with English, a church yard sale, and appointments.
Sunday we fasted and jundoed. Not much new there....

Love ya,
Elder Mortensen

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