Monday, August 31, 2015

August 31, 2015 (Week 37)

August 31, 2015

Ok, family email time.
"World's Greatest Face"
 Monday me,  Elder Bean and Elder Saunders got some sweet striped shirts for a couple bucks. Elder Eagar says they look awful, but we all enjoy them. We then headed down and got some books, and then got haircuts from a member. Super nice, gave us cuts for 5 dollars! Best deal ever!  That took up most of our P-Day since we had to travel and what not.  That night I started the exchange with Elder Moore.

Tuesday we did studies, then headed out.  We jundoed until 1:30 when we met Kim Min  김민.  He is the guy we met a couple weeks ago. Super nice.  He took us out to lunch at a super nice duck meat place. Super delicious, except it was loud so I couldn't really hear or talk with him. I mostly sat there while he and Elder Moore talked. I have trouble understanding him as is, then you add a busy restaurant, and it's no good. After that he took us to a cafe, where I was hoping there we could teach him... but, he and Elder Moore got sidetracked on random stuff. I finally got us out of there because we were there way too long, and missed an appointment with Angel. He was supposed to have his interview, but both of us bailed on it... But Kim is doing good. I guess he has read 100+ pages in the Book of Mormon, and really likes us. I'm just afraid that he wants to just hang out with us though, and not really listen.

Wednesday, I talked with Elder Bean, just because I was frustrated at my lack of doing stuff, and feeling like I wasn't doing much out here. I feel like my language has stalled, and I feel like I don't help in lessons, and nobody is progressing, and we cant find stuff, and just stuff like that. We talked about how much stress is on to learn, and help others, and be obedient, etc., but I love it here, don't get me wrong. Elder Bean helped out a lot. We headed off to district meeting, and then taught 권민재 Angel. We finished up everything for his interview, then right after Elder Moore interviewed him. He passed that so he was set for his baptism on Sunday.

Thursday we didn't do much, but that night Elder Saunders and Elder Bean had a singing practice. They are singing for President Whiting [First Quorum of the Seventy?] when he comes this Friday. So they practiced while Elder Moore, Elder Eagar and I went out and jundoed. Pretty fun time being with them.

Friday we had pizza and chicken with Bea Sung Sue, our mission leader. It was a pretty fun time, except it's super awkward when everybody looks to me to play a hymn and I have no idea how it goes. I have to have someone sing or whistle it so I can remember how it goes, haha. The pizza and chicken were great. Man, I'm gonna end up getting fat from eating chicken. It's so delicious.  But it was a good time. Later that night we were looking for a member house, so we stopped into a real estate shop to find the address.  The worker looked at us, then went back to his soundproof box with his saxophone.  He was playing "Israel, Israel God is calling". Me and Elder Saunders were just laughing.

Saturday we met 김민수 Kim Meen Soo.  He went to Weber State for a year, and is 25. He has not a care in the world for religion.  He didn't really have a reason for meeting again, doesn't even claim a religion, hasn't thought about the afterlife, why we are here, etc.  Super hard to talk with him, because he didn't really have any care whatsoever.  Later we taught Bek Joon Sang, the 72 year old. We made some headway, but got sidetracked about how messed up the churches here are. I guess Presbyterian churches here have 6 pastors. One for blessing, one for preaching, etc.  Churches here are super weird.  Later taught Angel the last lesson, so he is all good for Sunday!
Angel Baptism

Sunday we had church, then a baptism!  He was super excited. Meeting with missionaries for 20 years, and finally got baptized.  It was a good experience, he was so happy.  Later that night we had singing practice again, so I talked with Elder Eagar. He is a pretty cool guy from Lehi. He doesn't talk a lot like Elder Bean, but he has good points and is easier to talk with.

Well, that was my week, hope things are going good there,
-Elder Mortensen

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