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August 10, 2015 (Week 34)

August 10, 2015

View of the city
Alright, time for the weekly report I guess.
 So, Monday was P-Day, which was interviews... Didn't help my mood as Sister Sonksen showed me pics of where I have been dying to serve... after that we jundoed!! Set a couple appointments for Tuesday, just so we could maybe have somebody before the new comp came in.

Tuesday we did study and Jundo! So much fun! We got punked 2 times, and so we jundoed for about 6 hours that day. Honestly, I had to sit down on a bench and just sit there for a couple minutes, it was just tiring.  We finally met a guy around 6:00 that we met on Monday. He rambled on the first 30 minutes about drinking with his family and crap like that. I tried to get the lesson going, but it felt weird trying to interrupt when I didn't fully understand.  So we finally after 30 minutes got a break, and started to teach him the first lesson.  When we started to teach him, he quit talking altogether pretty much. It was a good lesson, and yet not really. And thus ended my time with Elder Roskelley

Wednesday we got up and headed into the temple area.  The ward building is right next door, so we met there for transfers. Now the President is having us all meet there, and the APs announce who is companion with who.  Every time the companions would meet up, they would do something funny. The President would then stand up and tell them to be reverent and spiritual... even the APs knew that that would never happen. I got to see old friends again, Elders Hansen, Yetter, and Brantley.  They are all doing good. I guess Elder Yetter is struggling out in Nokbeon, he and Elder Song. I felt super bad for them. I guess our senior in high school investigator "scrubbed it up" and just quit progressing. Elder Yetter is finding nothing out in Nokbeon.   Elder Brantley is loving out in Dong He. He dropped thirty pounds doing the Elder Whitlock diet, and looks like he is having the time of his life...... I want to go out there sooo bad.   I found out my companion is now Elder Saunders, so we are both combining areas. Said hi to some more friends, then headed out. I went back home, we packed up all my stuff, packed up some from the house then headed over to the other house with it. Kinda frustrating that the APs didn't tell me I was switching houses, so we bought a ton of food, and I hadn't packed up anything yet, so that was a long time trying to pack everything up. We got that all done, then headed out to eat with the ZLs, Elders Eagar and Bean are the ZLs. Elder Eagar trained Elder Green, so we knew each other vaguely.  He is a super cool dude, has about four months left on his mission. Ate some food, then we went out and got punked/ jundoed.  Two new sister missionaries in here too.  Sister Turley is fresh from the MTC, so it's kinda weird to see a greenie.  Sister Udall( her trainer) was out with Elder Yetter in the countryside WonJu 원주, so we talk about him sometimes. The district is pretty cool right now.

Thursday we studied, played soccer (Elders Eagar and Bean like sports), then we went out, got punked a couple more times, then headed over to the other house to load up all the food and take it over. That was a nightmare.  The Korean sidewalks suck, they are made out of brick, so all the sidewalks are super bumpy and not smooth at all. Throw on top of that a bunch of hills and things in the way, and it's not fun. We loaded up a couple boxes, then took some study chairs, since other elders needed them. The chairs kept tipping on the brick, and falling over, or getting caught and not moving... so that took forever to load the boxes over to the other house. Now we have food for days though, that's kinda nice.  Everything that Elders Roskelley and Ridge left over for the new companionships just got combined into one great food pile.

Friday we had soccer again, and man, I'm out of shape. Super fun though.  Studied, then had weekly planning. Super weird actually talking about people. They had 3 recent converts, a couple investigators, and some less actives. Cool to talk about them, and see how we can try to help them. Later that day we met 김윤혁 Kim Yoon Hyuk, one of their investigators. He is like 26, wants to go to a college in Germany, but is looking up negative church documentaries.  We're trying to convince him to believe us and not just friends and the internet, but he gets side tracked easily.

Saturday we studied, we out and met 유진성 (You Jean Sung)  and 백준상 (Beck June Sang). You is a 16 year old kid who is pretty cool, but doesn't seem too interested in the gospel. Taught him the Plan of Salvation, and he remembered the Atonement and says he believes in Christ! Yay! Good lesson with him.  Right after was a huge rain storm, so we made some calls for a little bit before meeting Beck. He is like 72, and is super big into Presbyterian. That seems to be the biggest church here. In Korean, it's the 장로 교회 which translated directly is the "Elder Church".  So everybody here that reads our tag thinks we are that church. That, or they say that we are only 20 and can't be an elder, that's for the old farts who pay a lot of money. Beck gets sidetracked on random stuff, like how many stakes are in Korea.  Going to try to focus in on his belief in the Book of Mormon, but he seems to believe the priesthood and whatnot.  After was English class. Nothing new to report.  After was some more jundo!  Jundo now isn't that bad. I don't know if it's just lower doses of it, new comp, or trying new things, but I feel a better sense of accomplishment. I'm feeling like I'm doing something.

Sunday we went to church, came back, studied, and jundoed. pretty good day. Found some super old hymnbooks and scriptures in the church, really want to see if I can buy them/take them... I'll have to ask the bishop about that one.

Cicada are singing! 
Today we are heading out to go bowling again.  For about 1.75 a game, that's a pretty good day.  It's weird, Elder Saunders and I are kinda sick of this place, but feel like last transfer just never happened. He has been here since I got to Korea, so I guess he has more reason to leave. We feel like last transfer just never really happened.  For me, moving houses, it's like God put the reset button on Gireum. Still kinda want to get out of here, but I'm willing to stay and work. I feel a lot better this week already about this transfer, hopefully it will keep up. I don't know how much more of up and down I can take on the mission.

Love you all, take care,
-Elder Mortensen

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