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August 17, 2015 (Week 35)

August 17, 2015

A Mandu stand. Like postickers,
but a lot bigger and tastier. They have
kimchi ones, which are the bomb. 
Ok, getting around to the family email now.

Monday, we shopped, emailed, then went bowling... We went over to the neighboring area Do Bong. There is nothing to do there, so everybody goes bowling. There were about 20 people by us that all had the fancy little ball and arm brace and were bowling like 200+... haha, it was pretty sad to watch... It was pretty fun though. We bowled a couple games then came back. we just jundoed around that night, nothing too new to report on that.

Tuesday we jundoed around, tried to visit a less-active, then met Kim Hyo Wang (김효왕) Wang means King in Korean... fun fact for ya.  He is pretty cool. He's 26, went to New York for school for a couple years, and is just hanging around here for the time, until he gets a job. He seemed interested, had a good lesson, talked with him, and that is the last we've seen from him.  Kind of a bummer, he was super cool. Later we met a recent convert Pak Dong Suk. He got baptized in December, now only comes to Sacrament Meeting, and doesn't read the scriptures... he has this idea that his baptism was a one time "I changed my life" thing, so he doesn't have to read and whatnot. It's kinda frustrating but he is a good guy.

Wednesday was just zone meeting and English class. We all came into the office, and heard from president about the new "standards of excellence" for the mission. Some of them were pretty high standards, reachable on a really good week, but for the most part, pretty difficult.  The President called everyone to have "faith to baptize" which is different than what Elder Ringwood said... That faith is not the issue of the missionaries here.  So we're a little confused on that part.  President says that all it requires is faith, that's all it takes... Honestly, like if it was that easy, we would have a lot more baptisms here. But hey, I got to see people out in Nokbeon again. They were fun to see. There's still nothing really going on, but they are doing good.

Thursday we jundoed and ran into a crazy guy who talked about how the days of the week according to the bible should be Sunday, Friday,  Wednesday,  Monday, Thursday,  Tuesday, Saturday.... complete nut case. Then we met with Goose (Gu Bone Hak).  He is Elder Saunders recent convert. He is 18, doesn't read the scriptures cause he wants to study to get into Seoul University, and looks up anti-mormon, anti-christian stuff. He still believes the church is true, but he always talks about different churches he attends, and videos he watches... I'm kinda worried about that. Trying to work with him. He is doing decent though.

Friday we met with Kim Young Whan 김영환.  He was baptized 40 years ago, now attends the Presbyterian church, and we are trying to get him to come back.  He loves the missionaries though. We tried to talk about priesthood, and how that means no other church has the rights of God.  He kept pulling out all his certificates that he is a deacon in that church. It was weird, but he is a nice guy. Went on a temporary split with Elder Eager to their appointment. We met some low rapper named "dirty pun"... one of those 21 year-old kids who doesn't really have a solid plan in life.  Interesting lesson though.

Saturday not much happened, just jundo and met some weird guy, who met just to get a drink for free.

Korean Graffiti 
Sunday we went to church, taught one investigator. We talked about baptism and the gospel of Jesus. He won't commit to be baptized.... he says he has worries, but he won't tell us... super frustrating. There is a special-needs investigator here, Angel. He is 35 and has met missionaries forever. The bishop have opposed his baptism since he is special-needs, and might be a burden to the ward. But on Sunday the bishop allowed him to get baptized, and said let's do it this Saturday... We will probably push it back a week, but right now we might have a random baptism on Saturday!

Sorry, out of time, this week was pretty good.

Love you all,
-Elder Mortensen

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