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March 21, 2016 (Week 66)

March 21, 2016
One of the Natives?

Ok, quick email, my computer froze up for a little bit, so I don't have a lot of time left...

Things have been kinda slow lately, people have been busy, but we managed to meet 이상준 for the first time with Elder Hall... that was good.  Things are just kinda going right now...  

Monday- We made hockey sticks and played newspaper hockey for family night.  That was pretty fun.

Tuesday- We studied, then had English class, then we went back to the church to work on Easter invitations for our activity we have planned. We did that, ate chicken, then tried to clean the carpet, since we scuffed it up during family night. That took a little while to do.

Wednesday - I was with Elder Cazier on exchanges. We didn't do much, had tacos, talked with people, then had movie night. We had  Kim Dohng Bum come to that as well, that was pretty good.

Thursday - We rode buses to Elder Cazier's area, then rode it back, ate dinner, then had English class... what a lovely day.

Seamarq Hotel
Friday - We planned, taught English, then I went with Elder Ellingford to a couple of his appointments because of schedule conflicts. We taught at the SEAMARQ hotel (look it up... cheapest place is 5000 a night.) Super nice.

Saturday - We met Lee Sahng Joon for the first time in a couple weeks, he is doing good, didn't do much after that it seemed.

Sunday - We walked around.

Yeah, that's about all for my week,

-Elder Mortensen
Cleaning Scuff Marks

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