Sunday, April 10, 2016

April 4, 2016 (Week 68)

April 4, 2016

Ok, what happened this week....
Random Corn Gift
Last P-Day we ended up eating chicken and playing some games. pretty boring, but plans got switched around, so we couldn't do much else. After, we had a chat with our ward mission leader about less-actives... and man... he has a hard time remember anybody,  less-actives, investigators. It's pretty hard getting anything from him.  He offers to help teach, but doesn't remember our investigators names!  Family night was after that.
Tuesday, we went and made/delivered Thank You notes to members for coming to the Easter party. We're trying to focus on working with them more. Hopefully by visiting them more often, we can get better relations with them.  After that and English class, we headed up to a little town north 주문진.  We wandered around looking for less-actives all day.  Not much happened with that. The layout here is a nightmare. We came back and met 고영욱.  He came looking distressed and talked about how his uncle has cancer, and that his research project got denied by the government.  Sad, but it humbled him enough to pray. That was cool. It's been hard getting him to see the need for  religion, and hopefully that will help out. (His uncle is doing good now, all went well with surgery)
Wednesday, we had a really boring district meeting..... so boring..... then we went around town again to talk with people and visiting some members.  That night we met the lady that we knocked on her door. We had dinner together at some burger place down by the sea.  Pretty good meal, she seems to have some potential too. (It took 14-ish phone calls to get everything worked out with no males coming to the diner too.) That was cool.
Chillin' on the Roof
Thursday, we went to find some less-actives that we know exist, then went up to the college to meet some people. We ran into 고영욱 and talked for a minute. That was cool, but nothing else really cool up there, just fun to be in a town full of college students.
Friday we planned, then did English class, then rode 3 buses, got told 4 different ways to go get to the lake, and eventually ended up riding our bikes 30 minutes both ways to get to the lake to visit some people. So frustrating having bus drivers telling us to cross the road to get the right bus, then hopping on, just to be told that it was wrong again... good night.
Saturday was just walking around some more, and Sunday was church then getting cancelled on by people... good times.

Well take care,
-Elder Mortensen

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