Tuesday, March 15, 2016

March 14, 2016 (Week 65)

March 14, 2016

Elders Mortensen, Judd and Cazier  
What happened this week.....
Well, after email we didn't do much, we had an appointment that we were planning on heading to, but he cancelled so we didn't have any plans... We just ended up going and exploring downtown for a little while.  After that we went and taught the other elders' recent convert, since they were in Seoul, and then had family night. Not too bad this week, we actually had some more people come.
Tuesday we went and visited the 89 year-old again, since they wanted us to visit daily. He is great, so willing to learn and listen. Then we had English class. It wasn't too bad, but not much gospel interest. We're going to need to find a way to see if anybody really has interest. After that and dinner, we went to go visit a member, that lived kinda far away. We couldn't find a bus that got close, so we took a bus, then just planned to take a taxi over there. It turns out where we got off, there are no taxis, or cars, or lights... so we walked for quite a ways, since we didn't have much else to do... that took up a lot of the night, then to top it off, the member wasn't even home. That wasn't the best day ever...
Wednesday we had zone meeting.. talked a lot on the Spirit, and the new Easter video that's out. We are supposed use this a lot to get members going, find interest, do wonderful things, but a lot of it is geared toward the US, and Seoul... Our zone can't even really do a combined activity since we are so far apart from each other.  After that, we had a district planning session to try and do an Easter activity that would get the members to come out and bring their friends too. (Turns out Koreans don't really celebrate/care about Easter, so that will be a struggle). Then we had dinner, (chicken... ) and then met 고영욱.  He is doing good, willing to listen and learn, but doesn't seem to feel like it applies to him. We need to work on that, but he is great, a really cool guy.
Cup Museum Bowl
Thursday we walked around, got cancelled on, then had English class.
Friday we planned, then did some English, taught the old 89 year-old recent convert, then met 김동범. He brought 5 of his friends, and we had a cool lesson with them.  Hopefully we can meet with all of them individually, because it's hard to get to know them in a group of 6 friends.  Super cool though.
Saturday not much.
Sunday we went out knocking doors, and actually got let in! It was super cool, pretty rare thing out here! We had a good chat, hopefully we can follow up!

Love ya,
Elder Mortensen

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