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February 29, 2016 (Week 63)

February 29, 2016

Elder Mortensen at the Cave
Ok, well I got a new planner, so let's see if my real brain can remember what I did this week... (crazy how I rely on a paper planner to remember my life sometimes...)
Monday was boring... we had the Sokcho elders down here... so we couldn't do much... so we played more board games. I guess bored games would be a better way to put it... still not sure why they came down.  After that was good ol' family night. We made pizza and chatted with people.
Tuesday we went on exchanges. I went with Elder Ellingford, which was pretty fun. He's a pretty straight forward, logical, keep it simple kinda guy. Pretty nice to have around, because life gets complicated easy. We taught English class, then went and searched for some less actives... that meant circling around backstreets, slowing centering in, and agreeing that the little broken down shack that you cant even get to is indeed our less actives old house... freak... so that was fun. Then went to a sushi buffet with a member.  That was super good.  I still don't fully trust sushi.  They had some that looked like they just took some meat out of the fridge and laid it on top of rice.  Not sure how people don't get sick.  After was some more less-active hunting and talking.  I'm glad Elder Ellingford is staying next transfer.  He's a fun guy.
Wednesday we had district meeting, then went and did some walking around. We tried to visit some friends, but they weren't available.  We tried to visit a less-active, he wasn't home, but the dad said we could come back and talk about our church some more!  That was cool. Hoping that we can get him like 이상준, haha.  Everybody is confused when we talk about how we found those two people. Movie night we got 김대현 to come out to it.  Although he said he was going to a party after... and would be drinking ... great.
Thursday we taught the other elders' investigator/recent convert. (Baptized last Sunday, waiting to get confirmed status) We had a good chat with him, although its hard to understand an 89 year-old guy who doesn't put in his dentures.  After that we visited our couple in the cafe, Q and his wife (still don't know their real names... awkward.)  They are doing good, had another good talk with them about our religion.  They agreed to take the lessons and learn about our church, that way we can keep the lessons focused.  After that we did English class by ourselves, since everybody else was out of town and didn't tell us... great.
Friday we planned, taught English at the service center (we teach English 4 times a week now..... man I hate English... ) then came back, ate, then had a district planning session to get better activities going on around here.
Saturday we helped move a bunch of luggage (the dad lives in a different city for work during the weekday, since he found a different job in a different city, he had to move it all back here for a day or so) for one of our members, then had English class, then taught the other elders' 89 year-old guy, then their other investigator, had dinner, then called and met 김대현.  Good lessons.  The one with Kim was weird.  He walked up to the church smoking a cigarette, then said he was moving to the club/hangout spot of Korea... (Shin chone) and talked about how he almost forged an ID to get into a club...  Talked with him about that, and the gospel of Jesus Christ, we're trying to get him to see a better path.. hoping the other elders in Shin chone can help him out.   Pretty fun day though, teaching 3 lessons.
Sunday we had church, the other elders 89 year-old investigator got confirmed, and Kim came again, although only for one hour, in which he sat in a class with 3 unbelievably annoying girls, middle school students... freak, that's the perfect way for him to not want to come back.  He had to leave after that too.  After, we went back and Elder Megargel packed and I did calls. Then we had a member meal. That was pretty good.  Plus... it snowed again!  That was a good time!
Today we went to a sweet cave, hoping to do more outdoor stuff now that its getting better weather... freak, winters almost over.
Happy Face

Elder Megargel is moving for transfers, I'm staying in Gangneung.  I'll be with Elder Hall, he'll be in his 5th transfer (same "age" when I was with Elder Saunders)

Take care,
-Elder Mortensen

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