Sunday, February 21, 2016

February 22, 2016 (Week 62)

February 22, 2016
Well, how's it going?

We'll mix it up this week a little bit:

People:   이상준: met him, had a great lesson. He said he didn't understand Alma 7:13, which was exactly what we wanted to focus on, Christ and the Atonement. So we taught that, reviewed the Plan of Salvation, and how Christ fits in it.  He took it pretty well.  Still getting him to have a sincere real conversation prayer is a struggle. Doing good though. We can see him grow a little bit more each time.

김대현: (18 student/spam friend): He came to the ping pong tournament we had (He is dang good too...) then we met on Sunday.  We had a good lesson with him.  Finally got around to having a solid lesson. When we meet, he gets sidetracked by stuff, but this time we got through a good lesson!  Too bad he leaves next week.....

김동범: (Chinese buddy): After our Sunday lesson with him, he came to family night with his buddies, then we met last Saturday and ate together... We talked about how he smokes, drinks, gambles, lottery, etc., and that we don't do that... Hopefully we can convince him that that is a waste of money and health, and will help him out if he stops. Really nice guy still, love him, just need to get him to see there is more to life...

That's about it this week...

From the Cup Museum
P-Day we went to the ONLY CUP MUSEUM IN ASIA.... Elder Megargel has been dying to go there, so we finally went... Kinda cool, kinda weird... I didn't realize how many cups there are in the world....

Wednesday went up to Sokcho, went with Elders Judd and Cazier, celebrated my 1 year in Korea by going to a buffet, haha.

Saturday we had a ping pong tournament that was fun.
Sunday the other elders baptized the 89 year old guy... super golden guy too... have to talk about him later.

Love ya,
-Elder Mortensen

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