Friday, December 9, 2016

November 28, 2016 (Week 102)

November 28, 2016

Ward Activity
Monday was my last haircut in Korea!!! (Also for the next 6 months haha :). I've missed longer hair.)  After that, the other elders wanted ties so went down there, nothing too exciting.  After was streetboarding.
Tuesday we had lunch with Melvin, an English class student. He's a 60 year-old guy that loves the missionaries.  So we went out to Ashley's "American style buffet" and ate all Korean food. I'm not sure how it's American, but eh, it's good food.  After that did a lot of street proseltying in the freezing cold. (It got cold fast here) nothing too special, just a lot of busy cold people.  Then we handed out English class flyers, and got cancelled on 10 minutes before we were supposed to meet the person... good night... Just another thing to add to my life.
Wednesday we had district meeting, nothing too special. After that we had English class! Yes, my favorite!  The people themselves aren't bad, but the class/teaching portion is the worst...
Thursday we went and visited members who came to family night to say thanks, then we went streetboarding. Nothing too special still.
Friday we planned, then I went with Elder Roe on exchanges. It was a fun time. He's such a chill guy to talk with. We street proselyted, then ate pizza (We both regretted it. We had soo much pizza here.) Then we met Lee. He met the missionaries right before I came here. We met him on the street again. We had a nice chat, chatted about a lot of random stuff.  But he said he was down with learning about the church, so, hey, I'll take it! We'll see how far he goes, but there's a little bit of hope here!
Saturday. We had the weirdest baptismal service ever. I'll have to explain in person. (Ask about Yoon Jee Hyun).  After that was English class, and street walking.
More from the Lantern Festival
Sunday we had church, where Kim Tae Young came.  He's 24 years-old, needless to say that the members loved him.  They all have his name memorized, asking how they can help, what lesson we are doing with him.  If only they showed this much care with everybody we bring. but yeah, it was a good time with him coming! After was Ward Council. Not much after that...

Well, take care, hope you all enjoyed Thanksgiving,  I enjoyed a normal Thursday haha :)  Have fun!

-Elder Mortensen

PS. Mormon 9 is worth reading. gotta a lot of good stuff.

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