Friday, December 9, 2016

December 5, 2016 (Week 103)

December 5, 2016

This week not much happened still.

Elders Roe and Mortensen
Tuesday we met Lee again, but we really couldn't even call it a lesson.  He and Elder Jung talked about military, teas, life, languages, etc.  We didn't even pray, discuss religion, and didn't give a commitment at all.   There needs to be a purpose to us meeting..  

Wednesday we went and came back from zone meeting.  Pretty trippy realizing I won't have another one.  There I also got my travel plans. Flying 8000+ miles... Yipeee.  Should make for a great flight home.  After that was English class.

Thursday we met a less-active, but he went to the donut shop, and just talked with the workers there for a good while, then when we wanted to have a lesson, he said that he needed to go home and sleep... Great... 0/2 on lessons this week..

Friday we had a meal with a member, then weekly planning, that goes nowhere... love it when my comp worries about pictures, how much time he has left, and how tired he is, more than doing missionary work..
Seoul Overlook

Saturday we had a Christmas planning meeting, then English class... After that we had dinner, and a member bought us some ice cream, that was nice.

Sunday we got Bay Gyoung Whan to come to church! That was sweet. We set up an appointment, so there is hope for him! After that, we had choir practice, then street proseltying.

 Well, I know I'm almost done, but doesn't feel like it, but still pretty trippy.

-Elder Mortensen

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