Tuesday, August 30, 2016

August 29, 2016 (Week 89)

August 29, 2016

Well, this week:
"Catching Up With Friends"
Monday we went to the tie place, showed Elder Lowe all of those things... Kinda fun, but a lot of ties all the other missionaries wear.  None of them look good anymore, haha. But we checked out some shoe places, and a couple suit places.  Tempting...  After that we met Go Young Ook, from Gangneung.  He came in for studies, so he came up to Do Bong to say "hi!"  Super cool to see him again.  Still no gospel interest, but he is a good friend.  After that we streetboarded, and met David... Interesting guy, I'll tell ya later.
Tuesday we went to a skills workshop where they talked about Family History for 3 hours. Sheesh, I've heard way too much about Family History.  It's like God is smacking me with a 2x4 repeatedly. I might have to look into that one when I get back.  After that we ate, then met Sheen Sung Hee.  He is a less-active that came on Sunday to church.  We talked about priesthood, the temple. Cool stuff.
Wednesday we went and visited some members, tried to visit less-actives, former investigators.  Nothing really worth telling about, just another lovely day.
Thursday we we went and met David. He grew up in Los Angeles, so he has natural English. He loves his bible.  So we met to give him a Book of Mormon, but he brought his pastor buddy and we started having a lovely chat.  This is the first time I've heard a pastor say that Jesus and Adam were reincarnated when they were baptized. Weird stuff.  Not sure how much we can work with them.
Jam-packed Subway
Friday and Saturday not much happened.
Sunday Bay Gyung Whan came to church, and we talked some there.  He is doing good, but his mom opposes our church, and he can't get baptized until November. Shoot. But we will keep working with him.  Cool kid.  Then a little bit later Melvin called us up, and wanted to meet. Ok, great!  So we met.  I guess he was just bored so he called us.  So we talked for a little bit, but still his same old self, can't accept much still. Dang. But a cool experience today!  
Well take care,
-Elder Mortensen

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