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August 22, 2016 (Week 88)

August 22, 2016

Well, this week...
Elder Mortensen,
T-Shirt Gift from Elder Benson
Monday we went around and just kinda played around the area, nothing too exciting. That night we had a member dinner, then they took us bowling... It was fun, but I'm not sure if it was the best use of time.  It was for Family Night they said, but I don't know... guess I'll let God decide on that one, haha.
Tuesday we went around with Elder Petersen in a threesome saying goodbye to people. We met Mr. Song.  He is interesting. He's an English teacher that has reaaaally weird ideas. A very strange path of thinking.  But he is cool and has some potential.  After that we met Sung Hee Sheen.  He is a less-active, kind of a quieter guy. We talked with him, got to know him a little better. He's a nice guy and we got him to come to church this Sunday!  Then, a lot of walking around, saying bye to Elder Petersen's friends.
Wednesday, we rode a jam-packed subway for an hour carrying all of Elder Petersen's luggage, then I had some trainer's training. Then I met Elder Lowe.  He's from Santa Quinn, Utah. He was born in 1998... yep, 1998... he is young!  Holy smokes, he's the first 1998-born I've heard of in the mission. We came back, ate lunch, then met June... Everybody's favorite old man.  We started trying to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but as soon as we asked if he believes in Jesus, he went on his usual rant of how we can't ask questions, because he is an old man, etc... So I kinda lost my cool, got into a small argument, then closed. We're not meeting him again...  After that we got lectured by some members on how rumors are on the web that Mormon missionaries are bad with the Korean language. Not cool... After that was English class.
Thursday we had studies, then the service activity at the welfare center. After we went and toured around the area, talking with people. We met some nice people, but nothing too special happened that day.  A lot of just getting to know Elder Lowe.
Friday we had studies, and weekly planning.  Then we met Melvin.  That was just a long discussion on how he can be happy, but he has made up his mind already that he can't understand the gospel, he doesn't have friends here, etc... good night, if he would just listen to us.  After that, we ate, then visited some people. We found the aforementioned less-active's member friend at his work and talked with him.. It was a good talk.
Saturday we met Bay Gyung Whan.  We met him a couple times now, he had the baptismal date, came to church, then dropped off the map.  We met, talked about commandments, and seems to understand them.  The trick is just getting him to church.  He didn't show up this week.   After that was English class. Two students, six missionaries.. woohoo... That night we had music activity again. It went well again.
Elders Lowe and Mortensen
Sunday we had church, then got a 20 minute lecture on how we lack at Korean, and our language ability reflects how hard we work, and how we need to step up our game.  I can take criticism, but that was just cold.  I wasn't too happy with that one. If they would just look and see how much Korea runs on English nowadays, they would understand. After that we went and found some less-actives. former investigators.
Training is going good, he is just a little ball of energy, and struggles with how to release it. It's kinda funny to watch.  He works hard though, which is nice.

-Elder Mortensen

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