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July 27, 2015 (Week 32)

July 27, 2015

Well, this week's highlights, coming up...

Monday after email I went and got a hair cut with Elder Saunders while Elders Ridge and Roskelley went to do other things... not gonna lie, I hate haircuts.  I saw him cut Elder Saunders hair and thought "oh crap, that's way too short for me".  Except I'm not sure if my hair standards are the most appropriate, so decided to get a cut... Didn't turn out too bad. I doubt I'll ever be happy with a haircut, but this one still looks good, so I'm pretty content with it.  Anything beats the buzz cut I got forever ago. We then went to a super nice bathhouse over in Dong De Moon area, the famous tie place...  We met up with all the Elders from Gireum and a couple other dying missionaries there.  They had a weight lifting room, so we did that for a minute, before getting in the hot tubs.  Felt pretty good.  After P-Day we just did some more jundo around that block.

Tuesday I went on exchanges with Elder Bean.  He is the Zone Leader here, going home in December.  He loves to talk.  He usually has a point to his stories and talking, but sometimes, he takes a really long time to get around to it.  So we talked a little and "opened the exchange" then headed out for some jundo.  We went around for a couple hours, before meeting up with his investigator who was going in for the baptismal interview that night.  So I sat and talked with Elder Carpenter during that time.  He is an interesting guy.  After that and some more jundo, we headed back to their huge house and planned.

Wednesday during companion study then went off to district meeting.  This district meeting was better, Elder Bean volunteered to play piano today.  For district meeting, they have some weird thing where the person giving the prayer picks the hymn.   After some jundo and walking around, and English class, we did planning.

Thursday we had President interviews. Here's about how mine went "Hi, Elder Mortensen, huh? Looks like you'll be here for about a year and a half still.  Well, great to be with you. Tell me about your parents?  What do you like to do?  Ok, sounds good". It was pretty in and out, around 10 minutes long.  After that and studies, we had 7 straight hours of jundo.... sooo long.  We had a member meal at 7:00, so we had nothing else to do.  We walked everywhere in our area, I swear. Around 3:00-ish is when the rain started to come pouring down.  Some guy we were talking to at his shop gave us an umbrella and some drinks (liquid form of the candy I sent... yeah... not that good) and sent us off.  It was way too hard to do anything sharing an umbrella, so Elder Roskelley went and bought another one, so now we have a ton of umbrellas, just that one day we didn't take any out. The member meal was great though.  It was a super awesome member in the ward, and his 20, 18, 16 and 10(the only boy) year old kids. They acted like a regular family... teasing, making fun, acting stupid. It was funny. First time I've seen a normal family in Korea, I'm pretty sure.  We had some chicken wraps and watermelon for dinner, super delicious.

Friday was a lot of pizza and walking... we made pizza for lunch, then went out with the other elders to a pizza buffet to celebrate Elder Saunders birthday... so much pizza this week.  I probably had it for like 5 meals.... but other than that, we studied, and had weekly planning.  Trying to figure that out, but it's hard when the whole time we are sitting there, "well, we don't have any investigators to plan for, now what?"  So we tried to think of other ways that we could find people. We're going to try those out this week hopefully. Elder Roskelley talked about playing music, and what is ok and whatnot, and that just added to my list of questions.  What can you use mission money for, what music is technically ok? etc.  The white handbook is specific, and yet not.  So it leaves a lot up to you.  So still trying to figure that out.

Saturday was spent at the church, did studies, went there for pass off for Elder Ridge, so me and Elder Saunders had their investigator cancel on us, so we sat there talking for the whole time. That was fun.  Then we had English class. I usually just sit there and listen to these two Koreans have their own little conversation, then add in my two cents, and just sit there having fun. I left with Elder Bean to pick up their investigator for the baptism that night. We came back in the pouring rain, had the baptism, then headed out to dinner with the some members.  We had a pretty tasty soup, can't remember the name exactly.

Sunday we went to church, nothing too exciting, we had a ward meal afterward... it was more chicken wrap... Koreans don't know how to fold burritos.  They would sit there and stare at it for a second, then try to fold it some way. Pretty funny seeing white guys walking around showing how to wrap a burrito.... after that was some more jundo!!!  That's all we do around here, its wonderful!  My body is slowly falling apart I swear...  Eaten alive by mosquitoes (even on my eyelid), toe blister, knee issues, ankle acting up, like you name it and Sunday night it hurt. For planning had another long session with Elder Roskelley. We talked about how all we've done is walk around, and it seems that way again this week... that went until about 10:10 this time... but I'm just kinda frustrated.. I'm not asking for a baptism, but to just have someone who wants to meet occasionally, like a checkpoint, to see that we are doing something right.
Wearing Elder Roskelley's Glasses

Well, that was my week.  A lot of walking around, but things are getting better with Elder Roskelley,  he is just getting a little trippy that this is his last week in Korea... good guy, definitely finishing his mission strong.
Love ya,

-Elder Mortensen

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