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July 13, 2015 (Week 30)

July 13, 2015

More Angel Wings!
Well, I have no idea what week it is, but another one gone by...

Monday we went to dong de moon, the tie place.  We went there because there wasn't anything else to do.  However, I came to the realization that personal money still carries over after the mission, so I didn't buy anything this time.  I may need you to send me a good American hat, because Korean-style aren't my favorite. Example: a girl wearing a camouflage hat with question marks all over it, and a big red box that says MONOPOLY... sometimes... but yeah, the other elders all picked up other hats and some ties, then we just came back and chilled.

Tuesday was a long 8 hour jundo day... didn't really find anybody cool, Wednesday we had zone conference. A guy in our zone is Elder Bodan.  Really similar to Brad.  He has that baby face that makes him look young.  He lived with Elder Whitlock for a couple transfers, and greenie broke/lived with Elder Green for 3 transfers.  Zone conference was focusing on baptismal dates, and whatnot, which in my case kinda just got me a little down, seeing how we can't even meet anybody to extend the commitment to. It's kinda sad.  After that, Elder Roskelley sat around talking with other missionaries in our area for a while, then we went and jundoed, then came back way too early for English class. So we spent a lot of time at the church on Wednesday. I guess president said to take 10 minutes for every hour you are out, but it just feel like we are sitting around in the church, while other missionaries are still in lessons with people....

Thursday was an exchange with Elder Carpenter.  That was awesome.  He has been doing parkour since 15, got noticed around age 17, and has done stuff ever since.  Flown all over the world, has friends everywhere, was an acrobat in the Tarzan play down at Tuacaun... he has been a lot of places.  Not with the best people and places, but he cleaned up for a mission, kind of a cool story.  But he is one of the top speakers in our mission, and so I got his study methods and advice. Pretty much it is study, study, and don't stop.  Some missionaries use only the one hour for studying, whereas if he is up, he is studying somehow.  He also told his love for this country.  Looking at it from a perspective, if these people don't know any better, and we are the only ones in charge of this portion of the residue of his people (Moses 7) . That got me super excited for learning Korean better, and serving this people.  We also had a couple member meals.  We all had one with our ward mission leader, Be Sung Su.  He bought us pizza and chicken, and we had a good talk.  Things are going good with him.  We shared a message about Helaman 10:4-5. good chapter.  I also like verse 1.  Kind of an interesting picture it paints.  We also met with another member who took us out to a meat place.  They just bring out a huge plate full of food, and you grill it all yourself.  Super delicious.

Friday we did weekly planning, got stood up for an appointment and sat at the church. Not much happened.

Saturday we had English class and a super awkward ward activity.  The missionaries introduced all the missionary lessons, there were like only 5 members there, and we watched "Meet the Mormons". I almost fell asleep I was so bored and it being awkward.

Octopi for Sale
Sunday is when the rain started... the rainy season is here. It goes for about a month of steady rain, and gets super hot and humid... Can't wait. It ought to be fun. So because of rain, jundo wasn't much fun.

Sorry my email is short, and kinda boring, but literally seemed to happen. We have no investigators, no lessons this week, and a lot of walking around...

Love you all,

-Elder Mortensen

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