Monday, May 18, 2015

May 18, 2015 (Week 22)

May 18, 2015

P-Day, because we had a member meal, got cut an hour shorter that everybody else, so they all went to the big river dividing Seoul.  Instead we went back to the house so Elder Whitlock could pack... I decided to invest in a razor so I could just cut my own hair whenever, so I thought about doing that back at the house.  Turns out, Elder Whitlock worked out most of the time, So I sat there trying to find something to do.  I tried to make a couple different designs for a scripture case, but nothing really worked out,  so I sat there bored most of the time.... Then I decided to to give my razor a try. I started on the biggest setting, then planned on slowly trimming it if it was still too long... Turns out it just went straight to a buzz pretty much, so now I have suuuuuper short hair... It's not cool at all. I'm not gonna need a haircut for a couple transfers at least.  After that we went up to the stake presidents house for the meal.. Super good meal. The food was great, and the stake president and his wife are super nice.  He also spoke a lot slower than most Koreans, and loves soccer, so I could actually talk with him. It was kinda nice haha.  That was the best meal we have had yet

Tuesday was the last day for Elders Whitlock and Brantley in Nokbeon, so we went and got some duck meat at a place by our house. Duck meat is really good!  I also got a really good soup there, so once again we were stuffed and happy haha.  After lunch, we had issues with Howard Lee.  He was testing sending the elders texts every like 30 seconds just rude, swear-word-happy texts, saying we weren't missionaries, just robot selling foreigners here wasting our money... So Elder Whitlock called him and talked with him for a little bit.. I guess Howard has schizophrenia, and multi-personality disorder, or something like that, so he really needs to go to a hospital.  After dealing with him, we met with 이병길 . He is still wasting his life away at his house, but it was a good lesson with him.  He was interested in the plan of salvation, and we discussed baptism and stuff with him.  He seems to be more and more interested with the lessons.  Hopefully that will grow.   After meeting with him, 이 지승 called and wanted to meet, so we talked with him for a while.  He still rambled on and on, but Elder Whitlock feels like he is slowly starting to turn to Christ.  He talked about how he doesn't want to succumb to the devil again, and is worried about the new elder coming in... but a good lesson with him too.   After those lesson we went to 표석정's house to eat with Elders Herron and Brantley. That meal was so bad.  I sat super scrunched up, and 표's friend was sitting there rambling the whole time, so we didn't even talk... That and the soup had terrifying, not tasty little shrimps in it, so it wasn't that good.  Afterward, Elder Brantley played their ukulele and we sang a couple hymns and I guess 표 recorded it but I haven't got a copy yet, but yeah, that was the highlight of the meal.

Wednesday we got up and went to transfers.  Elder Yetter is interesting.  He looks a ton like Conner, like creepily similar, it is kinda throwing me off.  He is also comes from out of Seoul, like Elder Whitlock was.  He was in 원주 for a while.  He is super energetic, and pretty spunky (?)  There is no real way to describe it.  He has been on a mission for a year now, and is from Arizona. Elder 송 현 빈 is Elder Herron's new companion.  He is interesting. He speaks super fast, and slurred, decent at English, and has a really violent sense of humor... not a big fan of him... Every word out his mouth is either something violent or calling me cute. I swear... it's getting really old.  When we got back from transfers, we did a whole lot of jundo, kinda showed him the big loop of Nokbeon.  After that, we met with 이용훈.  Elder Yetter knows how to work with the youth... He got 이 to talk some more, and is good friends now. A couple of days later, we ran into 이 on the street, and he gave us a drink, and said he would come to church!  Super awkward in church, cause the youth are addicted to phones, and didn't really talk with him... hopefully next time they can talk with him a little bit more next time.

Thursday was pretty slow.  At mcm, 이영복 talked about how baptisms don't matter, and that as long as you have the black tag on and are working hard, that is all that matters.  Cool message. That guy is super cool.  That night we went to the BYU Wind Symphony... apparently we got permission to go, even though it was in the Seoul South mission, and started at 8 at night.  We got there and just talked with everybody from the mission and South mission.  I saw a couple buddies from the South mission I knew, and a lot from our mission.  That was the real reason anybody went, was to see friends... We sat down, and some choir came out and sang until 9:30... not my favorite, and what was worse that since we didn't have any investigators come, and there wasn't room for missionaries with investigators, we got kicked out before we could even see the actual symphony.  Still cool to see Seoul South and see people, but sad they kicked us out. We barely got home before 10:30. We live about 50 minutes away.

Friday was pretty slow too.  We had weekly planning, then met with 방석규 again. I don't know why he still meets with us.  He never seems too interested in the lesson, or talking with us, but keeps agreeing to meet, so hopefully there is something there. I really started missing the old house Elders on Friday.  So much more fun.  We were all the same humor, for the most part, and got along really well.  Elders Brantley and Herron were fun to be around.  The new people go off and do there own thing, so me and Elder Herron usually just do our own thing in the house.

Saturday was the same as Friday.  We helped out at the church with seminary, but the youth didn't care to be there, so it was kinda weird.  Elder Yetter kept trying to build relationship with the youth, some of them are pretty cool.  Later we got hit on by some crazy hospital old ladies during jundo... Super awkward when they start holding your hand... not as bad as the recent convert in the ward who at English class kept hovering over my shoulder really creepily the whole time...

Sunday was alright. church was trying to get people to talk with 이용훈 and the creepy recent convert rubbing my leg and hand and hair during Elders quorum.......... sooooo done with people like that right now.. everybody grabs my hand or calls me cute and rubs my hair, and I'm so over it.  But yeah, sacrament was good, still can't understand a thing anybody says....  after church I did pass-off with Elder Herron.  We sat there and discussed things about the ward and companions, then we role-played lesson 5, since that is required before baptism now.  We did that, finally got that done, and going to do Zone-Leader pass off today.  That was a good time.  I totally still wish me and Elder Herron were comps.  I think it would be a blast.
Duck Meat

Today we are probably going to go hiking again, and actually go up the nice mountain. I'll be sure to get some good pictures there.

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