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May 11, 2015 (Week 21)

May 11, 2015

Alrighty then....

Slamming Yogurts
So after email last week we did some jundo and study and whatnot, then had a meeting with 오수연 . He is the guy who had a vision of earth and all that jazz. We met with him, then he took us to a food themed park... Yeah, if only I had my camera, it was pretty great. The lesson sucked though. we had kids come up to us all the time, an old man sit down and chat for 30 min, so we couldn't do much... Needless to say, we probably aren't meeting with him again.

Tuesday was temple/P-day. We got up, showered and left for the temple. Me and Elder Whitlock went and did initiatories instead of the regular endowment session. That was cool. We got out a couple minutes early, so we just chilled in the celestial room for a longer time. I'm starting to love it there in that room. So peaceful and relaxing. I can't wait until I can go without 20 other missionaries and a companion... so we did that until about 12, said hi to some people, and then left for Outback. We ran into Paul Goff, Sr.'s parents there. I guess they are temple missionaries there. Kinda cool, super small world in Korea/Utah/Mormon community.   Outback was alright. We had like 10 other missionaries come with us, but so did Elder Singer and his parents. He is a friend of Elder Whitlock who is already done. So Elder Singer's dad is like a financial head of Dubai.  The food was good, and Elder Singers dad paid for me and Elder Whitlock.   After outback, we went and were planning on going to 남대문 [one of the Eight Gates in the Fortress Wall of Seoul] but the subway schedule was ridiculous so we didn't have time for that. So we just came back and played Settler's of Catan again at our house. Still a fun day though.  That night we did the yogurt challenge. Korea has little yogurt drinks that come in little bottles and there's a mission challenge to drink 30 and not throw up... it was pretty easy, felt just like doing our family crepe competition again haha.  We all died that night, as we tried to get to bed without throwing up haha.

This weeks jundo was pretty bad.... nobody ever really gave us any time, and so we did a lot of walking around.   Wednesday we had a zone conference on how to keep the sabbath day holy... Interesting for me, because I've just felt like Sunday was like every other day. I'm trying to think of ways to make it special, but it's really weird.  I feel like we just raised every other day to Sunday level, so I'm not sure how to raise Sunday even more.

Wednesday night me and Elder Brantley started our exchange. We went and jundoed for a little bit, then went to ward mission leader meeting.  That was alright.  He invited us to his house for his famous kimchi chigay. After the meeting, we had a couple meetings with people. We met first with 이현우 he just got out of military and agreed to meet.  He is pretty cool guy.  We got through the first lesson, and he said he would try to come to church (he didn't end up coming) .  After him, we met with 이용훈 again.  We started the 2nd lesson with him, but only got like halfway through.  He is still super quiet and doesn't talk much, so its kinda hard to work with him.  It's weird trying to get people to keep these commitments so they can start a relationship with God.  I kinda wish I was a convert, so I could know how best to help them, but that's not the case, so it's a little weird.

Friday we had 이영복 's kimchi chigay.  He used to own a restaurant, so he has a good recipe I guess. I had 3 big bowls of this soup. It was just a ton of kimchi, some onions, and lot of super fatty meat, and water.  Not that tasty, but we had to eat up... I'm so done with kimchi chigay.  We've had it so many times, it is ridiculous. That was the highlight of that day.  We just jundoed, got punked again by some appointments, and then went home.

Saturday morning we met with the less-active from 의정부 since he came into town again.  He is pretty funny.  He would ask why are their rich and poor people.  Elder Whitlock would say there is opposition in all things, then he would say "I understand" and be perfectly happy.  The meeting went like that for a while, then set up another appointment and went back for studies.  Once we got back to the house, we found out about this wedding that was going down.  We met up with the other elders, and we all traveled there.  All of the church in Korea I swear was there.  Super massive wedding, probably costs more than my future house will.  The wedding was super short and formal, then they had a buffet for the meal.  Needless to say, I got pretty full on that too, there were a lot of good foods there.  They had some pretty great sushi, I was welled pleased with that.  We ate there then came back.  On the bus I ran into another random less-active who lived in Vernal, Utah for a couple years. He was super nice, but got baptized for friends, so he doesn't really care anymore.  So I talked with him for a little bit, then he hopped off the bus.  Funny how we just find less-actives everywhere now, Hopefully we can help a couple of them.   We met with 방석규 after that.  He moved into our area now, like 5 minutes away, so hopefully we can meet some more with him and help him out and find some conviction.  That night was English class. Howard Lee showed up again. He is a complete nut.  He believes that half of Korea is out to get and kill him.  He calls himself first emperor of the US, made Seoul a part of the US, gave Siberia and Mongolia to the US, and believes that LA, NY and Seoul are the new

Jerusalems... yeah, a little bit on the strange side... We did that, then jundoed around, looking for a store with a phone card for Mothers Day calls.  We also got transfer calls. I am with Elder Yedder (?) and Elder Herron is staying and getting a Korean companion.  Elder Brantley is going out to 동해 which is clear out on the east coast. Should be fun.  He has been in Nokbeon for 7 months now...

Korean Wedding
Sunday was alright. Church still kinda sucks for me. I can't understand 95% of what is being said, so it is frustrating.  We also had like three people planning on coming, but nobody showed up... Sacrament was all the missionaries giving their goodbye talks. That was cool,  I could understand them at least haha.   After church we got a couple more appointments bailed on us, and then I finally passed of lesson 4! Finally!  So glad...   Later we went up to Alex's house and had a meal there, since Elders Brantley and Whitlock are leaving.  She also made a ton of food for us, and all of it was delicious.... so much food this week.  We also have two member meals these next two days... I'm getting so fatttttt......

But yeah, that's been my week,

-Elder Mortensen

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