Monday, June 22, 2015

June 15, 2015 (Week 26)

June 15, 2015

This week was "eh".

#16 Elder Mortensen
Monday to Wednesday we were in a three-some while Elder Song was in military.  Koreans have to go back every so often for reserve military.  All we did for that was jundo jundo and jundo.  That's all we did this week really.  Tuesday we went to the temple, and to dong de moon market. That is the 3 dollar tie area. I picked a couple more ties, not too many though, and a soccer jersey. It's great here, they have like 50 stores, where you can get any customized jersey you want. team, color, name, number. I got mine for 23 dollars, and it was delivered on Thursday. Not the highest quality, but still pretty sweet. I'll probably get a couple more before I leave, haha.

This week we didn't meet with any investigators. They all cancelled or didn't show up, or something. We have just jundoed this whole freaking week. And the worst part is that nobody has been really nice or open. We find one or two guys, but they don't care about religion, or go on to no-show us, so right now both me and Elder Yetter are getting kinda frustrated. The Zone Leaders have 3-4 people come to church, other elders had a baptism, and we barely have some investigators... I really need to get out of this area before I just feel like shutting down. Three transfers, and no progress is really made in our area. We have one other investigator besides 방석규 and they have been weird lately. Our boy, the senior in high school, says he is coming to church, coming to our appointment, then shows up an hour late, and seems to be in a weird mood.    

Church was awful for me this week. Still hardly understood anything, and had 3 people bail on church, and was still in a bad mood from Saturday. That was a long time to be stuck in my head, with nowhere to just vent or relax.  More jundo followed that... shocker....

That's pretty much been my week, super slow and long.  This week is even worse.  For our 100 hours, we leave at 6:30 have only 30 minutes for study, and unless we are eating with a member or investigator, we have to grab something from the 7-11 and just eat on the road.  Today we rode the subway around for like an hour in a circle just to do something useful.  Our APs did it last week, and by the end, they were jundoing along a hiking path, just to not go crazy.  We are going to be walking around a lot in the sun this week. It's going to be brutal...

Yeah, that's my update.  Sorry it's not super in-depth.

Have fun, love you all,
-Elder Garrett Mortensen

"Mortensen" - 16

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