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March 30, 2015 (Week 15)

March 30, 2015

Exotic Car Shop
Ok, week 15, it will have to be a bit quick.
P-Day was Outback Steakhouse (freaking delicious).  I got Alice Springs Chicken, a whole lot of bread, and Chocolate Thunder From Down Under. Super fattening but worth it. After, we hit up Dong De Moon, which has the famous 3 dollar ties. So many ties. I picked up 5 for me, and a couple Korean ones for you all.  Eventually I'll send them home.  That took up most of the p-day.  That and shopping.
$3.00 Tie Shop

Tuesday was literally just jundo [proselyting] . We walked for 6 hours around the streets of Seoul. our one appointment cancelled cause his grandma died on Monday, so he was busy that day.  That night though, we were walking along the river, and we saw a bunch of elderly people line dancing under a bridge at 8 at night haha. It was quite hilarious to watch.

On Wednesday,  due to the whole ton of jundo we do, my achilles has started to rebel against me, and has been like scabbing/blistering on me. So that has killed to walk around with, but hopefully it can heal quickly. Missionary foot has finally hit me, and it's not fun at all. We were talking to someone, and since I couldn't understand a word, I kinda zoned out for a little while and watched a kid chase around pigeons and a dad push his girl around learning to do 2 wheel bikes. They were all so happy and smiling.  It was weird to see. but I couldn't help but just smile and feel good. That was the highlight of my day, possibly the week.  Funny how random things like that just make your day a whole lot better.   We also found out that Elder Lee, (Elder Cazier's trainer) got called to the office, (we are pretty sure due to drama here).  So Elder Cazier gets a new trainer this week.  He left wed night to get trained.

Thursday was 12 week follow up, so I saw all my friends from the MTC again. Elder Hansen is still hilarious and doing well, Elder Green and Carmen look way different, and I couldn't really talk to them.  Funny how being gone for 6 weeks kinda kills a friendship. We were still cool with each other, just didn't have that much to talk about anymore. Elder Cazier didn't go due to lack of a trainer so it was kinda weird.   But they just talked about patience, and working hard and keep going. That was a pretty good little seminar thing.  Except during role plays, Elder Whitlock played a Jehovah's Witness as a person, and just ripped into me, so I got kinda down and frustrated with that. That was were my week felt like it spiraled down for the worse.   After 12-week, Elder Whitlock signed up for classes, so I watched some Mormon messages, and got some Yiruma from him.  Look Yiruma up, he's got some good piano music.

Friday... nothing really happened on Friday.  Weekly planning took like half the time, cause we have nobody to talk about. We literally had no actual lessons this week, just a couple street ones. we had 8 planned this week, they either gave us wrong number, didn't show up, cancelled or gave some excuse. So ya, that was quite depressing.  We had a guy text us from the internet about English class, then the next day we ran into him on the street. It was pretty sweet! He seems to have a little church interest, so we will try to teach him this week.

Saturday we had a Visitor Center shift with the bishop, since our three appointments, then cancelled. So he talked about getting the ward involved with missionary work. He is a great bishop, this ward is pretty great.  Then we had a good English class, somebody gave us his number there, named DK, and wants to meet again. That was cool. Not sure if it's English or church interest though. that night we made cookies for Sister Fuller going home and had some pizza for dinner. I felt like crap after, that pizza was no bueno. haha

Sunday was alright.  For first hour, they had the ward combined to talk about being social media missionaries, cause all Korean sites just hate on the church, especially It's the Korean version of Google, so it really hurts us. We've had a couple appointments fall through because they looked us up on  So that was good. Elder Lee and Sister Fuller gave their farewell talks in the ward sacrament meeting. After church we had a role play for the 3 lesson. I blanked so hard on it, that I just gave up and couldn't get through the lesson. That sums up my week. To start it, I was feeling great, then as the week went on I kept getting stuck and frustrated. It's not even the language that's the problem. It's the lack of progress, no lessons, no investigators, I suck at teaching, and etc. I keep telling myself to just be patient and work them out in time, but I still find something else to get stuck at. Everywhere I turn to try and get better and work around is just a new roadblock for me. I take 1 step forward and shoved 5 steps back. And yet I recognize the need for patience and I'm trying to stay positive, but this is just wearing me down. It so hard to try to be patient when I don't know how to do it. Every time I ask for help, I get a little bit better, then somehow fall back down. So yeah, that's my life right now, slowly turning downwards, as I try to fight it and stay positive. I don't know what else we can do to find someone to teach, walking around all day everyday with nobody to teach sucks.

Well, yeah, that was my week, a slow slide down to frustration. Don't worry, I'll figure it out somehow,  I just hope it comes soon. I know God works is his own ways, it just freakin sucks right now.
  -Elder Mortensen

Love you all

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