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March 9, 2015 (Week 12)

March 9, 2015

Elder "Batman" Whitlock
This week has been pretty rough, not gonna lie.

Going from hearing about Conner baptizing everybody under the sun in Mexico, to proud people and nobody in Korea is a rough transition.

As far as people/lessons go:
 -There was a dropped old man named Kim Jung Yong, who we visited on Monday. He keeps complaining he can't read, and God won't help with material needs, so we had to re-drop him. That sucks.

 -We met a kid on the street named Jung Say Yong who wanted to meet us and was willing to bring a friend. He came, but an hour early during one of our other lessons with our 1 sort of investigator, so elders Lee and Cazier stepped in and taught them, so they took those investigators.

-Our 1 investigator Bong Soak Gyou, met us on Saturday after delaying us twice. We met, he hasn't read the Book of Mormon, and still hasn't come to church... not that great of a guy.  Kinda sucks we kept him and lost the 2 new ones...

Those are our only actual lessons we taught. We had like 7 make appointments, but bailed, including our super contact Earl. (I'll talk about him later). So yeah, our investigators/lessons kinda suck right now. Everybody is always too busy, or just doesn't show up.

Since we have nobody, we go out and proselyte all day long. For that we just walk down streets and talk to people who will listen. Door to door sucks here,  because the men are never home during the day, and they mostly all have walls and gates in front of their homes, so they would never hear us. Plus all homes have a camera system built into the front door so they can just pretend they aren't home. I'm getting better at that, but it still sucks that I can't understand them at all.  So this proselyting (전도) (jundo) is alright, expect all the appointments usually fall through. This week we had a zone conference where they wanted us to use the Book of Mormon when doing jundo and like read verses and stuff like that. We have met some pretty prepared people who have been open with us, it's been pretty cool. One guy met missionaries before, and was super open and had questions about our church, one was a pastor who wanted to read the Book of Mormon and asked about marriage and all that stuff, then we met a mafia member and Earl on Thursday. I'll explain that, cause that was a fun night.

Thursday night we went to Pizza Hut, because it was the last night for their buffet. (Korean pizza is nuts, I didn't have my camera, so you might have to look that up) (whoever said that you get skinny from healthy food in Korea lied, I felt so fat I've ate so much)  So we had that, delicious fattening pizza, then headed out to jundo.  We ran into a kid named Earl who was studying to go to a top college in Korea. He goes to a Christian church, but doesn't grasp the concept of faith in something you can't believe. We showed him all the verses about faith and praying to him and he seemed super interested, and super ready to learn. (Didn't show up to the appointment due to a "secret") but during the lesson, a random guy came up, asked if we were Mormon then left. He came back and gave us his old version Book of Mormon and said he used to be a member till his wife died.  After, he joined the mafia, and felt bad every time he saw the Book of Mormon in his house, so he gave it to us and walked away. Strange, but awesome.

Korean has sucked for me lately...  I know to "be patient" "it will come" but I feel after three weeks I haven't progressed at all. I still don't understand a word at church, and I can't explain anything in English, let alone Korean. So I've just gotten frustrated to the point where I just check out for the night and don't care, or just about break down during a role play. I freakin hate role plays. We had one yesterday about teaching people and getting to know them, and so for a quiet person like me, it kinda sucks being the one asking everything.  Because I know for me I would hate someone asking me questions, and I feel like I'm intruding. So yeah, I'm just frustrated.

This weekend was the worst in my life it feels like. I woke up feeling sick, managed to get ready for the day, then threw up a couple times. I felt decent so we tried going out and working. Our 1:00 appointments bailed, and our 3:00 showed up when we were supposed to meet another guy at 2:00. So we lost the two new ones and our one investigator keeps promising to come to church, but hasn't for the past 4 weeks. He has a baptism date for April 18 now, but who knows if he will actually do it. So yeah, that frustrated my night, and I really didn't feel like doing anything. Sunday I couldn't stay awake because I still can't understand a word during all of church. I used to like going to church, but now I dread it cause I know I can't understand them.  After church Earl bailed on our appointment set up.  When we asked why he just said it was a secret then said to meet next week. Who knows what that means. Everybody does that here. They say we should meet, then just keep pushing it back, or eventually just hang up on us as soon as we say missionaries. Role playing for companion study was the worst I've had ever, then after dinner Elder Whitlock felt awful, so we stayed in while I attempted to do calls.
Meat Kabob Stand

Needless to say, I'm kinda struggling this week. I know the church is true, I just wish God would work a little bit faster than he does sometimes... This is getting so frustrating. I feel like I haven't progressed at all, and that the work here is going nowhere.

Hopefully your weeks are better than mine was,
  -Elder Mortensen

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