Thursday, December 25, 2014

December 19, 2014 (Week 1) (Mailed Letter)

December 19, 2014

Rainy Day at the Temple
Hey Family,

Quick heads up, I'm calling on Christmas sometime between 3:15-5:15.  Sorry, I don't know any more specifics that that. It will probably be 1/2 hour.

My P-Days will be on Thursdays, probably will switch to Monday out in the field.

My companion is Elder Cazier from Washington state.  Tonight we finally clicked after our lesson.  Oh yeah, we had to give our lesson in Korean to an "investigator" tonight.  Holy freak that sucked.  We sat there in awkward silence while he rambled on in Korean.  We sat there and just nodded and said yes over and over again, haha.

Korean is hard, but today I've finally begun to put the characters together. It's actually pretty simple.  They just stack different sounds to form a word
roughly translates to "josep sumisu' or Joseph Smith.  I feel like I'm close to getting it down, but it's still weird.

MTC Christmas Lights
I don't know who said the food is great here, because I don't think so.  <- random side note... I feel like I'm tired of the MTC already.  Sometimes it feels dull.  I'm just ready to leave

I'll write more on P-Day, but I gotta go.  Just know it's hard, but I'm loving it.

Elder Mortensen

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